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I’m sure you must be very familiar with our telecommunication prepaid, postpaid and mobile internet data plans comparison chart as well as recommendation and their hidden charges or tricky terms and conditions in our old blog. As a consequences of our revamping process, we’ve seperated our telecommunication section into a new and unique blog – RMvalues Telecommunication.

RMvalues Telecommunication blog was launched beta few months ago and recently we’ve been working hard to compare the iPhone 6 & 6 Plus and I hope it can give some guidance and shed the light on how to choose an affordable package. Therefore, we are happily to announced that, RMvalues Telecommunication is officially launching now.

RMvalues Telecommuncation

Mobile operators such as Celcom, DiGi, Maxis, U Mobile, TuneTalk, RedOne, P1, Yes, and others; Fixed line operators such as Telekom Malaysia (TM), Jaring, TimeDotCom, and others; Their plans and packages regardless prepaid or postpaid will be focus on each articles as well as comparison chart between each others will be published regularly.

Therefore, don’t forget to visit this section regularly and share your opinion with us by leaving your valuable comments there. 🙂

RMvalues Telecommunication
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