RMvalues Technology

Today we would like to announce availability of new section of RMvalues site – RMvalues Technology. As a result of revamping RMvalues, we had seperated out the technology section into an independent site with a unique url – https://technology.rmvalues.com

RMvalues Technology

In this section, we will try to cover as much as all the interesting and important technology related article, news and information. You might already noticed the launched of this section couple months ago, but today we had officially launch it.

This is the result of revamping the whole RMvalues as well as old RMvalues Blog. By seperating all the section from a single site into each individual site with its unique url, we can always moved the section that hit huge traffic and server load into another VPS or server without any downtime. This also ensure the availability and reduce the possible crash and down time.

Besides that, we have also encrypt our site with SSL Certificate and ensure the transmission between you and our server are encrypted and safe. Although we did not selling any product in this section, but to comply with the new industry standard, we decided to secure our site with SSL certificate. 🙂

RMvalues Technology
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