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We are happy to announce that our Virtual Private Servers (VPS) offers are officially launched and go live today.

We are offering 2 types of vps in our product lines, which are:

  1. OpenVZ start from RM 46/month
  2. Virtuozzo start from RM 66/month

OpenVZ Plans:

Plan CPU RAM Storage Traffic Monthly Price
OVZ01 0.8 GHz 1 GB 12 GB 300 GB RM 46
OVZ02 1.6 GHz 1.5 GB 24 GB 600 GB RM 79
OVZ03 2.5 GHz 2 GB 36 GB 800 GB RM 119
OVZ04 3.3 GHz 2.5 GB 48 GB 1 TB RM 158
OVZ05 4.2 GHz 3 GB 60 GB 1.17 TB RM 198
OVZ06 5 GHz 3.5 GB 75 GB 1.4 TB RM 237
OVZ07 6.5 GHz 4 GB 90 GB 1.76 TB RM 313
OVZ08 7 GHz 4.5 GB 120 GB 2.25 TB RM 330
OVZ09 8.5 GHz 5 GB 150 GB 2.73 TB RM 429
OVZ10 9.5 GHz 6 GB 200 GB 3.22 TB RM 544
Monthly Price RM 66 RM 95 RM 165


Virtuozzo Plans:

Plan Base Regular Ultra
CPU 50% 50% 80%
RAM 1 GB 1.5 GB 2 GB
Storage 10 GB 20 GB 45 GB
Traffic 300 GB 600 GB 1 TB
ClientEXEC Billing Software No No Yes


All plans come with 1 dedicated ip address, weekly offsite backup, eNom domain reseller account, and full root access (except Hepsia Control Panel). Below are some limitation:

  • Opened files: barrier 188; max. 206
  • Rules in IP tables: max. 128
  • Running processes: max. 2048
  • TCP sockets: max. 360
  • Ptty: max. 16
  • Memory latency : cannot exceed 1000 cycles for a period of more than 10 seconds

further info please refer to our Terms & Conditions

Control Panel

We currently offers cPanel, DirectAdmin as well as our in house built control panel – Hepsia. Although cPanel are the most well-known control panel, but according to our test, Hepsia is better than cPanel. You can read the comparison chart here.

Hepsia Control Panel DEMO

Data Center

All our vps are hosted in BlueSquare Maidenhead (now known as Pulsant) at London, UK. It connected by via dark fibre to multiple London points of presence with 2ms of network latency.

Extra Bonus

5 GB of free US VPN traffic with any of vps plans.

Once you connect to our servers, we will route all of your traffic as if it originated from there, which is a great workaround for accessing country-restricted websites. Plus, all of your incoming and outgoing traffic will be protected with a 128-bit encryption to make sure that there is no one standing between you and the websites you visit.

As a bonus, you can take advantage of our special VPN traffic filter. It will automatically filter out most website ads and will compress images, which will help you use your VPN traffic allocation more sparingly. Additional VPN traffic quotas will be available soon as upgrades.

Our guarantee

  • 24/7 Customer Support
  • 1 Hour Ticket Response Time

To place order, please visit https://vps.rmvalues.com/order-form/

RMvalues Low Cost Virtual Private Servers (VPS)
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