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How to Wipe and Make Your Drive Unrecoverable Permanently

One of the unlucky day happened in last year, my external 2.5″ Samsung hard disk was corrupted due to too much unrecoverable bad sector. And luckily it still under 3 years warranty coverage, so I dialed to Samsung technical support.

They then guided me to download an utility to diagnose and try to recover the bad sector, but all those steps were reported failed and they asked me to send the hard disk to them along with the copy of receipt.

However, it’s my personal hard disk and there contains a lots of personal and sensitive information (don’t dirty minded, I’ve no that things), it’s possible some bad guys from them try to recover my files even I already formatted it. Still remember yesterday I told you how to recover your deleted files?

Then what can I do to prevent the bad things happen? Here is the solution Continue reading