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Cheapest Contract Free iPhone 5 Plan ?

Finally iPhone 5 launched in Malaysia last Friday, and Apple Online Store Malaysia also began to sell iPhone 5 (GSM Unlocked) without contract for those who prefer not to sign up either a 12 months or 24 months contract with Celcom, DiGi and Maxis.

Last week I’ve spent almost whole day to analyze all the 24 months contracts offered by 3 telcos, and published a post ‘Best 24 Months Contracted iPhone 5 Plan – Celcom vs DiGi vs Maxis‘. I’d exhausted and I became quite lazy to analyze the non-contract iPhone 5, so I’ve decided to postpone until I feel comfortable to write. 🙂

Apple iPhone 5 Non Contract

I would say one of the main purpose of owning an iPhone 5 is to use data service. If an expensive smartphone like iPhone 5 has no data plan, that’s not only ridiculous, but also a waste, even you’re so rich. Therefore in my comparison chart of the prepaid and postpaid plans, I may not include those pricing are higher than contracted iPhone 5 packages.

Prepaid Plans Continue reading

Compare Malaysia Prepaid Plans 1 year Validity Charges

Tired to remembering when to top up your prepaid account ? Don’t want your prepaid number become inactive and have to get another new sim pack with new number ?

Once your current prepaid number become inactive, you will have to get another new sim pack with new number and forced to update all your friends in your contact list. This will bring you some trouble as well as your friends.

And now, you have a solution, which provided by several telcos, to let you get 1 year validity with some fees. Continue reading

TuneTalk Prepaid

Tune Talk

Starter PackFree
Voice Calls to All NetworksRM 0.16/min
SMS to All NetworksRM 0.05/sms
Charging Block60 seconds

Free RM100,000 Personal Accidental Insurance Coverage (by Etiqa)

Redeem AirAsia Flight Tickets

RM 33 Points
RM 44 Points
RM 58 Points
RM 1020 Points
RM 3070 Points
RM 50120 Points
RM 100240 Points
RM 200480 Points
RM 300720 Points

As low as 2,000 points you can exchange a 1 way AirAsia flight ticket.

Option to change your number anytime

Data Plan

Every 1 MBRM 0.05/session*

e.g.1 – if you download 1MB of data, you will be charged RM0.05 or if you download 1.5MB, you will be charged RM0.10.
e.g.2 – if you download 1MB of data, but it was done in 3 sessions, you will be charged RM0.15.

Top Up Validity :

Physical Top Up Voucher

RM 55 days
RM 1011 days
RM 3050 days
RM 5075 days

E-Top Up

RM 33 days
RM 44 days
RM 55 days
RM 1011 days
RM 3050 days
RM 5075 days
RM 100110 days
RM 200220 days
RM 300365 days

Online Top Up on SelfCare

RM 3050 days
RM 5075 days

Credit Transfer

RM 32 days
RM 52 days

*A transaction fee of RM0.50 will be charged to both sender and recipient.
Sender must have a minimum balance of RM10.00 after the transfer
Maximum of one credit transfer transaction per day only (transferor and recipient)

Inactive Period – 45 days, terminated on day 46th of inactivation.