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GlobalTestMarket – Another Proven Opinion Sharing Earn Money Program

Remember few weeks ago I shared an opinion sharing (aka survey) earn money programme – ValuedOpinions ? Global Test Market differ from ValuedOpinions by mean of reward. ValuedOpinions give you KFC or Jusco voucher, while Global Test Market give you cash.

Global Test Market

Both opinion sharing (survey) program are actually quite similar, but Valued Opinions rewards you each survey in a fix amount of money value, and Global Test Market offer you from 5 to 35 market points.

Advantages is as long as you began the survey, you’re guaranteed to receive 5 market points, unlike Valued Opinions required completion of the survey, then only qualified for the rewards. Minimum cash out market points is 1,000 points (now required 1,100 points) in exchange to USD $50. Continue reading

Earn Money by Sharing Your Opinions – Valued Opinions

Yes, the title are right. You can earn money by sharing or giving out your opinions. Online survey is the most easy way to earn money by spending 10-20 minutes for completing a survey.

During the past few months, I’ve been testing several online survey companies, and I have found some reliable companies which did pay you. This company I’m going to share with you isn’t pay you in cash, but they are giving you either KFC cash voucher or Jusco cash voucher. (Don’t worry, you can choose which voucher you want.)

Valued Opinion is a company owned by Research Now Ltd, from England. However, on their website has no any information about their branch or any affiliation in Malaysia. But this isn’t a big issue, as they did pay.

The minimum payout threshold is RM 30. They claimed that the rewards for each survey is typically from RM 4 to RM 10 and can up to RM 100 Continue reading

Promote Your Website to the World for FREE

After established your website, blog or forum, now is the time to promote your website to the World!

You never get any visitors if you do not promote your website. Why? Simple, because no one know your website.

How to promote your website ?

  1. Tell your friends
    Friends always are your good audience. Try to get them to visit your website and give you some opinion on your contents and design so that you can improve it.
    Beside that, your friends will also help you to promote to their friends. Friendship is very important.
  2. Search Engine Submission
    Submit your website to Search Engine like AltaVista, AlltheWeb, Ask, Bing (MSN), Google, Lycos, Yahoo! etc
  3. Submit your Sitemap to Search Engine
    Get a Bing Webmaster Center, Google Webmaster Tools, and Yahoo! Site Explorer account and submit your sitemap over there to increase chance of getting all your pages indexed.
  4. Directories Submission
    Submit your website to directories in appropriate categories. You can google online the ‘Free Directory Submission’ and you will find dozen of free submission service which you can easily submit your site.
  5. Article Submission
    Submit articles or news to Article submission website are essential too. This will increase your site exposure and you can also take the chance to tell the news about your site.
  6. Signature on Forums
    You can have your signature on most of the forums. Everytime after you leave a comments, your signature will be appear below your comments. This can increase the chance for getting attraction from forumers when they take part in the topics you have your comments there.
  7. Link Exchange
    Exchange the links with some popular website which have same niche, categories, similar contents will increase the chances of their readers to visit your sites.
  8. Leave a legit comments on other blogs
    You can always visit other blogs and leave your not spam comments and include your web address in the column of website address, but not in the comment to increase the exposure.
  9. Fanpage on social network sites
    Create a fanpage on facebook, friendster, MySpace, Twitter
  10. Bookmark your website via online bookmarker
    Some services like Digg, Delicious, Y! Buzz etc offer you free online bookmarker which you can share with public.
  11. Newsletter
    Create a newsletter list and get visitors to subscribe to your newsletter and you can send weekly, monthly, or occasionally update to your subscribers.
  12. Web Affiliates
    Create an affiliate program if you are opening online stores. By sharing a small percentage of commission to whom who help you to promote your products will increase your sales and exposure.

What you can’t do to promote your website ?

  • Send out Spam Mail
    This will be your biggest mistake if you do that. Your website will get blacklisted and your web host may ban you because spam is not acceptable everywhere.
  • Spam Forums
    Spam the forums will not increase your exposures but will lead to your account banned and all your comments leave before and signatures may also get removed and this will kill your site exposure.
  • Leave a spam comments on other blogs
    No one like spam. The blogger not only will ban you and your site url, but may also tell their readers about your behave and warn their readers to stay away from your sites, because no one like spam. Do you?
  • Buy web traffics
    You can easily buy 10,000 visitors/USD$ 5 (~ RM 16) and get 3-4 days 2,500 to 3,000 visitors quickly. If you do so, then you can stop to read our blog. Why? Because later the earn money program we will share with you are strictly not allow this kind of face webtraffics and you will get ban before you receive your money. So, this is your choice to choose buy web traffics and lost money or to stay with us and learn how to earn money.
  • Banner Exchanges
    You are not be able to benefit from Banner Exchange program, because you will never get more than 0.01% of traffics from it. We have over 10 years experience on this matter and we found that, only the banner exchange program owner will benefit the most and you are one of the promoter who help them to promote their program.
    Why not empty the space where you want to place the exchanged banner for other money earning program banner?

How to keep your visitors ?

  • Interesting Topics
    By sharing a interesting topic is 1 of the most important tactics to keep your visitors to stay on your website and return back.
  • Giveaway??
    If you have fund or grow bigger enough, you will receive sponsor to sponsor your giveaway. Occasionally to offer some giveaway may attract new visitors.
  • Try to avoid too many annoying pop up or pop under windows
    Pop Up and Pop Under advertisement can bring to you huge income, but this way will make your visitors annoyed and may not return to your site. If you insist to keep it, try to limit the amount of pop, e.g. 1 pop per 24 hours per ip or per session etc.
  • Take a small survey to know their needs
    Place a survey form or feedback form like Kamplye to collect the opinion of your readers is essential to know whether your direction is right and how interesting your website is.
  • Respond to their comments
    If you run a forum or blog, you should respond to your readers’ comments regularly.
  • Update your site regularly
    Remember to update your site regularly especially blog. You can update it daily, weekly or few times a week. It doesn’t matter how often you update it, but at least 1 time a week, so that your readers will not feel you are already out of ideas to share and become a boring blog.
  • Generate RSS Feed
    RSS feed is essential. You can burn your rss feed to feedburner, so that your reader can subscribe it and they will visit your website when they saw something interesting in the feed. Also they can get latest update immediately after you update your contents.