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Celcom Prepaid – SOX & UOX – Student Package

SOX Plan (age of 12-18 years teenagers) – No Credit Expired until age 18 years.

UOX Plan (age of 18-25 years youth) – No Credit Expired until age 25 years.

Celcom Prepaid (Student) – SOX & UOX Plans
8pax members8
Voice Call to 8paxRM 0.10/min
SMS to 8paxRm 0.005/SMS
Voice Call to All networksRM 0.15/min
SMS to CelcomRM 0.01/SMS
SMS to Non-CelcomRM 0.06/SMS
MMS to All NetworksRM 0.20/MMS

RM 0.50 (thanks to Farid for
updating me the new revised rate)

Video Call to CelcomRM 0.15/min
Video Call to Non-CelcomRM 0.30/min
Charging Block30 seconds
Data ServiceRM 6/day
RM 5/day

Hidden Charges:

SOX & UOX – Subscription fee RM 3/month. No Credit Expiry feature will only be activated after the S.O.X. Plan registration has been successfully verified by Celcom. If No Credit Expiry feature is not activated within 20 days from the date of activation of the Starter Pack, you must visit any Celcom’s branch for further verification. If you do not visit the branch within 44 days of activation, Celcom will migrate you to Xpax plan.

Additional Features

No Credit Expired – SOX until 18 years old while UOX until 25 years old.

AirCash – a mobile wallet that lets you store up to RM1,500 which can be used to:

  1. Reload with airtime for yourself or others on Celcom
  2. Transfer Airtime to other countries telcos
  3. Use Airtime Request and Transfer to stay connected all the time


Every Month Bonus

Monthly Total UsageBonus Credit
RM 50 – RM 149.993%
RM 150 – RM 299.995%
RM 300 and above8%

Welcome Bonus

RM10 FREE credit when you sign up.

Birthday Bonus

Free to call, sms for 7 days

Terms and Conditions applied.

Surprise Bonus