Rustenburg, South Africa

Name: Rustenburg. The city's name originates from Dutch. Province: North West Map: Google Map Population: 395 539 Altitude: 1500m Geography: Located on the Highveld Plateau with low mountains and grasslands in the north western part of South Africa. Climate: Rustenburg enjoys a … Continue reading

Pretoria, South Africa

Name: Tshwane/Pretoria Province: Gauteng Province Map: Google Map Population: 2,2 million Altitude: 1214m Geography: Situated between rocky ridges in the north eastern part of the country. The city is in the transitional area between tropical savannah (Bushveld) and the Highveld … Continue reading

Polokwane, South Africa

Name: Polokwane, place of safety Province: Limpopo Map: Google Map Population: 508 272 Altitude: 1310m Geography: 60 kilometers south of the Tropic of Capricorn. The landscape is mainly grassland interspersed with rocky granite hills, referred to as 'koppies' in South African … Continue reading