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How to Know Who Access Your Computer Files in Shared Network?

I know you may not interested today article, but I hope you can read, at least have a mind whenever you involve into network sharing. I used to be not involving in network sharing since I learnt to use computer more than 10 years ago.

But since computer is getting cheaper and cheaper, every house are now afford to buy more than 1 computer and connected to internet via modem with router function. Each computer can share the files and folders via this small network.

So, now you’re getting higher and higher chances to involve into shared network. I’m not teaching you how to share your contents in the network, but I’m showing you how to view and know who (or exactly which computer) is accessing to your computer and even Continue reading

Welcome back from CNY holidays ;)

Welcome back from Chinese New Year short vacation

This year we celebrate Chinese New Year together with Valentine’s Day, so it must be very interesting day.

Would you like to share something with us?

For those who celebrate Chinese New Year, may be you can share with us about your experience in:

1. How was your Chinese New Year eve reunion dinner?

2. How much angpau you got? Or how much angpau you gave? Although it’s a bit panic, but it’s nice to share too. 🙂

3. Happiness when you gather with your friends who did not meet each other for long time, or win a lot in gambling*?

4. Class reunion party? Friends gathering? BBQ? etc

5. How much you ate during these few days and what’s your plan for removing the fat ? hehe…

6. What you don’t like during these celebration? Like heavy traffic jam on road or highway, electricity or water supply interrupted, your neighbour playing fireworks and make you unable to sleep, lose a lot in gambling, and just prefer to stay home alone and play 666 casino online for better chance of winning?*, etc?

7. Or other than what we missed up.

* We don’t recommend and are not suggesting you take part in gambling or betting, and not willing to hurt any parties. If you really want to participate in gambling, we recommend you to visit the streettalklive to enlighten you more about what online gambling can offer you.

For those who celebrate Valentine’s day, you may share your experience on how to celebrate this Valentine’s day with the one you loved.

And for those who still single, may be you have something to say or even can share something with us on how you celebrate ‘Single Valentine’s day’ ? 🙂

And I’m very jealous those can celebrate Chinese New Year together with Valentine’s day at the same time. If you are one of them, please do not hesitate to share with us, how can you do that? :-

1. How can you celebrate Chinese New Year and Valentine’s day at the same time? (It’s possible for those who live together, same hometown, married, but if you aren’t one of them, then how?)

2. How you arrange the time and how to manage it?

3. Where you celebrate it? Personally I think this is quite difficult, because everyone came back and totally lose the privacy. Even in restaurant will meet many friends. Haha…

4. Are you satisfied with it? 🙂

Do not hesitate to share your experience (happiness, unhappy, whatever) with us. 🙂

warm reminder : – Please drive safety when you return to work from home after vacation. And do not drive when you feel tired, after alcoholic drinks or during mid night. Remember to follow the speed limit and do not forget the speed limit during Chinese New Year is reduced by 10km/j. Go out early to avoid traffic jam.

Have a safe journey for those who have to rush back for their works.