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Compare & Analyze Maxis Services

Our Blog launched exactly 30 days today. During this month, we have discussed several topics and some special promotion. Today, we will continue to analyze the Maxis services.

Hotlink Prepaid

Basic Plan & EXtra Plan

When you just look at both plans, definitely you will select EXtra Plan, because from the 2nd minutes onwards are cheaper than the 1st minute. However, please have your attention here, charging block for Basic Plan is 30 seconds, while EXtra Plan is 60 seconds.

That’s mean if you are simply call for 1 seconds, you have to pay a full 60 seconds (1 minute) charges in EXtra Plan. Therefore, we recommend :

Basic Plan – For those who call and talk very quickly.

EXtra Plan – For those who call often and talk very long time.

Sabah&Sarawak Plan

For the citizens of Sabah and Sarawak, you have no choice as this is the only plan Maxis offered to you. However, this plan only applicable when you make call from Sabah and Sarawak. If you go to Peninsular Malaysia, you will be charged according to Basic Plan.


This plan special for students, either secondary school or university or colleage students. As long as you are age below 25 years old, then you should go with this plan as the call and sms rate are very attractive then other Maxis Hotlink plans.

Maxis Postpaid Plans

Maxis offers many postpaid plans with difference charges. And, Maxis has different charges to Maxis network and other networks. Of course Maxis network is cheaper than other networks.

Standard Plan

The only Access Fee Plan as well as the only plan still seperate Local and Outstation call rate. Beside that, this plan also have peak and off-peak period. As you can see, this plan is a last century charging rule plan.

If you are current Standard Plan subscriber or interested to subscribe this pla, we would suggest and recommend you to another RM 30 commitment fee plan with lower call rate.

Value First

Recommend for those who always call and monthly usage roughly RM 30 Hotlink Prepaid users. This plan give you cheaper call rate. However, you will not be able to enjoy Active 10 for Free and you have to pay extra RM 5 for itemized bill and 5% government tax.

If your monthly Hotlink Prepaid usage around RM 40, then Value First postpaid plan can let you save at least RM 4 monthly. In a year you can save at least RM 48.

Value Plus 50

Nothing special, only if your usage around RM 50, then this is your choice plan.

Value Plus 80

If your monthly usage is less than RM 150 and always call to Maxis networks, this plan can help you to save more when you use more than RM 80 on calls within Maxis network.

Value Plus 150

If you use more than RM 100 on calls within Maxis network, you will enjoy another 1000 minutes Free Maxis to Maxis calls. Recommend for small business and salesman.

Value Plus 250

It gives you another 2500 minutes Free Maxis to Maxis calls when you use over RM 100 on calls within Maxis network. Beside that, you will enjoy 1 Free Value Extras.

Value Plus 500

It gives a 5000 minutes Free Maxis to Maxis calls when you use over RM 100 on calls within Maxis network. But, we seldom spend RM 500 monthly for the phone bill. If you use over RM 500, then you should probably find out why and you should try to reduce the bill to save more.

East Malaysia Plan

Special plan for East Malaysia (Sabah and Sarawak) citizens. Rates are cheaper than Standard Plan, but compare to Value Plus plan it’s quite expensive.

Phone Plans

Except for Apple iPhone, all other phones deal are only 24 months contract on either Value Plus 80 or Value Plus 50 plans. If you are currently using or plan to get 1 of those plans and want to buy a cheap phone, then this is your good opportunity.

Apple iPhone plans are quite expensive to my opinions, if we compare to Singapore SingTel and USA. But, if you are Apple iPhone fans, Maxis is the only authorized seller of Apple iPhone.

Data Plans

Maxis offers several data plans and you can choose based on your needs. However, please keep on mind that Maxis is throttle the P2P usage, like BT, eMule, LimWire etc, so if you plan to subscribe RM 8 daily plan and download 500MB files, you probably make a mistake, as you may even not able to finish 100MB.

Of course, pay per use is not a good choice for you if you use over 2 MB in a short time.

That’s all for today. 😉

Shortly information today, because Maxis offers many many plans and you can easily find out which one is suit to you.