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Department of Wildlife and National Parks Licences and Fees

Recently one of my friends want to owning a Pica Pica (or we can called it as Eurasian Magpie), but he read the newspaper that since last year March, PERHILITAN (Department of Wildlife and National Parks) had enforced a regulation ( The Wild Animals and Wild Birds Protection Ordinance ) that we must get a license in order to owning Pica Pica and some other birds.

Then he came to me and ask me where can he find the related information. After a little research done, I found the Department of Wildlife and National Parks official website. Now, I’m gonna share this information to you. 🙂

The Department of Wildlife and National Parks is to coordinate the enforcement of wildlife protection in Peninsular Malaysia.


The Department provides services in issuance of 3 types of documents:

  1. License
    The DWNP issues licenses based on the activity and species applied for. Usually a license is issued for hunting, taking, keeping, collecting, carry on the business of dealing, carry on the taxidermy business, import, export or re-export activities involving “Protected” wildlife species (including part or derivative of wildlife).The Department also issue Permit for activities which involve operation of zoo, commercial captive breeding, circus or wildlife exhibition and carry out research.Application can be made at all State DWNP. Please refer to DWNP State Offices for the list of address of the relevant state office.For license details, please refer to Requirement for Application and Fee and Types of Licenses.
  2. Special Permit
    Special Permits are required for all activities involving totally protected wildlife species listed under Schedule Two, Act 716.
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