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Top 3 Online Shopping Apps for Android

Shopping and saving money do not seem to go hand in hand but in actuality, they do. You can save money on those favorite items you want and not feel guilty for splurging a little. There are tons of coupon codes out there at sites like GreatDeals that you can find discounts, percentages off and even free shipping. Then there’s something you have with you all the time. Your phone. The smartphone era has made saving money instantly even easier. You can add apps to your Android device and get instant savings or know where you should go to buy a particular item. This is especially helpful when that item is a larger ticket item such as electronics. Having the coupons and deals at your fingertips is priceless. Here are three apps you need to add to your Android phone so you can save time and money on your next shopping.


This is an app for your Android that is specifically for buying electronic appliance items you need for your home. You can find great deals on computers, washers, dryers and much more. This app will share with you if Continue reading

Earn Money – Amazon

Remember we have introduced the eBay and Lelong Malaysia to you just some days ago ? Today we would like to share another similar program, but it has some unique part where you won’t find from eBay and Lelong.

What do we mean ?

Not only Amazon will help you to sell your products, but Amazon associate (or we called it as referral) will help you to sell your products and earn commission. So.. You will have to pay commission to the Amazon referral, if your product is sold under their referring.

What’s their rate ?

Amazon offer 2 kind of plans and their rate as follow :

  1. Sell Professionally – USD $ 39.99/month + Referral fee
  2. Sell Your Stuff – USD $ 0.99/sale + Referral fee

* The referral fee vary from 6% up to 25%, depends on the type of product you want to sell.

Beside selling on Amazon, you can join their referral program which called Amazon Associates to earn the referral fee.

You can earn from 4% till maximum 15% of the total sale price. The rate is based on both type of products and total sales in a month.

Our comment:

Amazon is famous on selling books in USA and some European countries. Of course, you can sell your products to worldwide via Amazon. If you have many used book, Amazon definitely is your first choice to sell it.

To get start, you can click here.

Earn Money – Lelong Malaysia

You already had some concepts about online auction and shopping marketplace like eBay. Lelong Malaysia is another ‘eBay’. But Lelong Malaysia is one of the earliest online auction company established in Malaysia, and the most important is, Lelong is a Malaysian company!

If you are curious why eBay Malaysia offer Free listing for Buy it Now, Auction and Auction with Buy It Now while other eBay international like US, UK, Singapore don’t offer Free listing, you must look at Lelong Malaysia fees, then you will know why. 😉

  1. Express Ads
  2. Standard Auction
  3. For Sale / Buy Now

Posting Item – Free

Optional to all items

a. Featured 1 Item in Front Page – RM 3.00
b. Featured 1 Item in Category Listing – RM 1.00
c. Thumbnail Listing – FOC
d. Additional Picture – RM 0.10 / Pic
e. Search Ranking Fees – Minimum RM 3.00

Auction Related Items

a. Reserved Auctions – RM 1.00
b. Close Anytime Auctions – RM 0.20 (To post)
+ RM 0.50 (If auction amount 0 to RM100)
+ RM 1.00 (If auction amount > RM100)
c. Dutch Auctions – charge based on transaction fees.
d. Quick Grab – RM 0.20
e. Quick Auction – RM 1.00

Compare Lelong to eBay:

Lelong only open for Malaysian while eBay you can sell to worldwide with some fees.

It’s up to you to choose whether Lelong or eBay or both to sell your product. If you have more than 1, you can sell on both places, but we don’t recommend you place on both website when you have only 1 item on hand. What if your item  happened to be sold on both places, how you duplicate another item to deliver to your buyer? 😉

Visit our Malaysian Online Auction and Shopping website – Lelong.