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Tron – Another Mobile Virtual Network Operator


Today I gonna share another Mobile Virtual Network Operator – Tron to you. Tron will be the last MVNO I’m writing, as there are no more MVNO has been approved by SKMM (MCMC) at the moment.

Tron is a brand of Talk Focus Sdn. Bhd. and using DiGi network to provide services to their users. Tron stand for Technology Revolution On-Net. It is a new MVNO which began to operate on Jan 2012. They are the first operator that offer unconditional 365 days long validity after each minimal RM 10 reload. So you’re not longer worry about the expire matter.

Calls All Networks RM 0.20/minute
Charging Block 60 seconds
SMS All Networks RM 0.10/SMS
MMS All Networks RM 0.30/MMS
Data RM 0.15/MB
Family & Friends
Favorite Numbers 12 Tron & 3 Non-Tron
Calls to Tron RM 0.14/minute
Calls to Non-Tron RM 0.18/minute
SMS to Tron RM 0.07/SMS
SMS to Non-Tron RM 0.09/SMS
MMS to Tron RM 0.20/MMS
MMS to Non-Tron RM 0.27/MMS

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SpeakOut Wireless – Mobile Virtual Network Operator by 7 Eleven

SpeakOut Wireless

If you visit SpeakOut Wireless, you will see a cute pretty girl there, did you see her? 🙂

SpeakOut Wireless is a service that powered by 7 Eleven Malaysia. In Canada, it called 7 Eleven SpeakOut Wireless. SpeakOut Wireless Malaysia is using DiGi network to provide the services since year 2011. Currently there are only Happy , SpeakOut Wireless and 1 more MVNO (I’ll tell you later) using DiGi network.

Calls All Networks RM 0.16/minute
Charging Block 30 seconds
SMS All Networks RM 0.05/SMS
MMS All Networks RM 0.25/MMS
Data Charges RM 0.10/MB*

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REDtone Mobile Postpaid Mobile Virtual Network Operator

REDtone Mobile

REDtone Mobile was established on year 2009 and using Celcom network to provide service, hence they are Mobile Virtual Network Operator. REDtone Mobile is operated by REDtone.

REDtone Mobile only providing postpaid service, and their postpaid commitment is the lowest among all MNO and MVNO, which is RM 8 per month, however you must be bond for a minimum 12 months contract.

REDPlan 8 58 88
Montly Commitment RM 8 RM 58 RM 88
Calls Same Network 10 hours free*
Call Other Networks RM 0.15/minute RM 0.12/minute RM 0.10/minute
SMS to All Networks RM 0.10/SMS
Charging Block 30 seconds
Free Data** 200 MB 500 MB

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