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Earn & Save Money from your Mobile Prepaid Reload

When I was using DiGi prepaid some years ago, I was thinking beside receiving reload bonuses, can I actually save money on buying reload card to top up my balance? Of course there are many ways to achieve it.

One of the most popular way is to become a reload card selling agent, you not only can top up your mobile prepaid balance, but you can also sell it to your friends to earn money. So I’ve contacted several well known company like e-pay, unfortunately they required business registration as well as the initial funding, until I found Airtime Gateway. (I’ve no idea why their website still isn’t developed although they have registered a domain)

I’ve been using it for over a year until I switch to postpaid plan, but I still have few Ringgit balance in my account and I still maintain an active account, because I’m satisfied with their service. The commission they offered from as low as 0.6% up to 12%, and covered not only telcos, but also Astro as well. Continue reading

Compare the Mobile Prepaid Video Call Rates

Making video calls becoming more and more popular in Malaysia, since the 3G ready phone (with front camera) are getting cheaper and cheaper. You can get it with less than RM 500.

Another reason is 3G infrastructure are getting more complete compare to first launched in year 2005 (Although the first batch of telcos received their 3G license on year 2002). So, you can easily make video call without hassle.

In Malaysia, we have Celcom, DiGi, Maxis Hotlink, U Mobile and XOX are offering 3G video call services, while Happy and TuneTalk at this moment have no any plan on it.

Among those 5 telcos, which video call rates are most attractive and affordable ? Look at our comparison chart below to compare it yourself. If you still unable to make a choice, you can refer to our recommendation at the end of this post. It might provide a guide to you.

Comparison chart of Malaysia Mobile Prepaid video call rates for both mobile operators and mobile virtual network operators.

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Compare the Mobile Prepaid Voice Call Rates (Mobile Virtual Network Operators)

We are comparing 3 Malaysian mobile virtual network operators. What is mobile virtual network operators (MVNO)? They are Happy, TuneTalk and XOX.

MVNOs are using Celcom (TuneTalk and XOX) and DiGi (Happy) infrastructure and facilities, what do you think about their call rate ? Possible they will be cheaper than mobile operators ? If so, will you use their service ?

Thanks to the power of MNP, you’re freely to port to the other mobile operators anytime, anywhere whenever you wish to.

Now, we show you the comparison table on the call rates to mobile virtual network operators owned networks (on-net) as well as to the other networks (off-net).

Compare the Mobile Prepaid Voice Call Rates within the SAME NETWORK (Mobile Virtual Network Operators)

PlansHappy PrepaidKelantan dan Terengganu (K&T)Mobile PrepaidClassicSilverGold
Charging Block 20 seconds 30 seconds (call made outside K&T)
60 seconds (call made inside K&T)
 60 seconds 30 seconds
Call Rates (Voice Calls)
15 seconds RM 0.11 RM 0.15 (call made outside K&T)
RM 0.15 (call made inside K&T)
 RM 0.16 RM 0.08
30 seconds RM 0.22 RM 0.15 (call made outside K&T)
RM 0.15 (call made inside K&T)
 RM 0.16 RM 0.16 RM 0.11 RM 0.08
1 minutes RM 0.33 RM 0.30 (call made outside K&T)
RM 0.15 (call made inside K&T)
 RM 0.16 RM 0.32 RM 0.22 RM 0.15
2 minutes RM 0.66 RM 0.60 (call made outside K&T)
RM 0.30 (call made inside K&T)
 RM 0.32 RM 0.64 RM 0.44 RM 0.30
3 minutes RM 0.99 RM 0.90 (call made outside K&T)
RM 0.45 (call made inside K&T)
 RM 0.48 RM 0.96 RM 0.66 RM 0.45
10 minutes RM 0.99 RM 3.00 (call made outside K&T)
RM 1.50 (call made inside K&T)
 RM 1.60 RM 3.20 RM 2.20 RM 1.50
30 minutes RM 0.99 RM 9.00 (call made outside K&T)
RM 4.50 (call made inside K&T)
 RM 4.80 RM 9.60 RM 6.60 RM 4.50
45 minutes RM 0.99 RM 13.50 (call made outside K&T)
RM 6.75 (call made inside K&T)
 RM 7.20 RM 14.40 RM 9.90 RM 6.75

Compare the Mobile Prepaid Voice Call Rates to OTHER NETWORKS Continue reading