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Earn Money by Sharing Your Opinions – Valued Opinions

Yes, the title are right. You can earn money by sharing or giving out your opinions. Online survey is the most easy way to earn money by spending 10-20 minutes for completing a survey.

During the past few months, I’ve been testing several online survey companies, and I have found some reliable companies which did pay you. This company I’m going to share with you isn’t pay you in cash, but they are giving you either KFC cash voucher or Jusco cash voucher. (Don’t worry, you can choose which voucher you want.)

Valued Opinion is a company owned by Research Now Ltd, from England. However, on their website has no any information about their branch or any affiliation in Malaysia. But this isn’t a big issue, as they did pay.

The minimum payout threshold is RM 30. They claimed that the rewards for each survey is typically from RM 4 to RM 10 and can up to RM 100 Continue reading

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I noticed that my RSS readers has been increasing slowly. Now it has reached only 20 subscribers and I’ve decided to give out 5 RM 5 KFC Voucher when it reaches “500” subscribers. So subscribe now and get daily How to Earn & Save Money Tips & Tricks articles delivered to your email address. Rest assured that your email will NOT be shared nor sold to anyone.

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