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Free Magazine – Global Pensions (Worth €693)

Today we would like to introduce you a worth €693 Global Pensions magazine for FREE now. Yes, €693 is about RM 2,760. Don’t believe? We show you the proof from the screenshot we snapped :

Global Pensions is the only magazine serving the institutional pensions industry across the globe.

The most important issues for a pension fund are managing risk and maximizing returns. Regardless of where they are located in the world, decision makers at scheme level are trying to achieve this goal. With an ever expanding array of solutions available to them, it is crucial that they understand the choices.

Global Pensions provides an ideal forum for funds from around the world to find the latest news and views of their global peers. The publication is unique in reporting from and to all geographical areas where there is a developed pensions system and thus is a vital partner in educating pension funds in the ways that they can make their portfolios run more efficiently.

With a combination of round table discussions, regular supplements and conferences added to the editorial strength, Global Pensions truly offers a unique forum for discussion for those involved in advising and managing large pension schemes.

Target Audience of Global Pensions

  • Accountants
  • Actuaries
  • Administration managers
  • Custodians
  • Financial directors
  • Human resources directors
  • Independent trustees
  • Internationally focused large trustees, consultants and scheme managers
  • Lawyers
  • Medium and large trustee scheme managers
  • Pensions consultants
  • Pension scheme managers
  • Pensions
  • and Students (for researching purpose)

Readers of Global Pensions invest globally and need to know what their peers around the world are doing. The only publication which does this is Global Pensions. By combining a focus on regional pensions news with in depth analyses of innovative and modern investment products, Global Pensions allows the decision makers from these schemes to be influenced and informed about current trends affecting their counterparts all over the world.

To get your FREE RM 2,760 subscription now, please click here or you can visit our FREE Magazine offer on top of our blog.

How to Earn Money – General Information

If you are our frequent visitors, you may be noticed that, the information we shared with you during the past 15 months, majority are related to how to save money, how to prevent being cheated and scammed and how to choose the best values services like credit card, voip providers and mobile prepaid and postpaid plans, and none of information about how to earn money. Why?

You might not know that, we try and test everything ourselves prior to share it with you. For example, the services and qualities of the VoIP providers, we spent over 3-6 months to test on different locations, countries, bandwidth speed, peak and non peak period, thus ensure the accuracy of our information and helps to minimize your chances to get low quality and expensive service.

Therefore, after a long run, we decided to roll out the information on how to earn money and this will be a really long story and we expected to make not less than 30 posts, that’s mean 30 days at least, because we published 1 post a day, thus ensure you have new info everyday and surprise. 😉

Let’s return to our today topic – How to Earn Money!

How? Money will not come to you itself. You have to work hard to get it, so for those who want to earn fast and quick money, sorry, we can’t help you neither now nor future.

These are the several ways to earn money:

  1. Working with your current job
  2. Find a new job, which give you higher salary
  3. Get a part time job, which earn you extra income
  4. Earn interest from your bank saving accounts, fixed deposits, EPF (KWSP)
  5. Investment products, like share
  6. Buy/Sell houses, premise
  7. Annual bonuses of your job

We currently will only focus on how to earn money from a part time job. This part time job isn’t advice you to find another work at night, but is sharing the information to you on how to earn money through internet, either online or offline.

Tomorrow, we will explain to you briefly how to earn money through internet. Please be sure to come back tomorrow!