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Warning to Bandwidth Theft “gamew0rld”

We would like to have your attention that http://www.gamew0rld.com/ has stealing our bandwidth by stealing our image http://www.rmvalues.com/images/norton-safe.gif by directly called the image from our site instead of copy the image and hosted on their own server.

Their action is harming and offending our server and caused high CPU load in our server. And we are not tolerate with their bad attitude!

gamew0rld theft

Above image show the proof of the image they stolen our bandwidth.


Above show the HTML source code of gamew0rld main site to proof that we have not wronged them.

An email has been sent to their owner and we hope they will take serious action on this matter.

According to whois information, this domain is registered via Tucows on 2010-05-17 but the owner details has been protected by whois privacy.

This will be the first and last warning to gamew0rld owner as well as other webmaster, please do not steal any bandwidth from our site or we will not hesitate to publish and announce your name over here to make you become famous.

If you have done so, please take action and remove it before we noticed your existence.