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TuneTalk Prepaid

Tune Talk

Starter Pack Free
Voice Calls to All Networks RM 0.16/min
SMS to All Networks RM 0.05/sms
Charging Block 60 seconds

Free RM100,000 Personal Accidental Insurance Coverage (by Etiqa)

Redeem AirAsia Flight Tickets

Denominations Points
RM 3 3 Points
RM 4 4 Points
RM 5 8 Points
RM 10 20 Points
RM 30 70 Points
RM 50 120 Points
RM 100 240 Points
RM 200 480 Points
RM 300 720 Points

As low as 2,000 points you can exchange a 1 way AirAsia flight ticket.

Option to change your number anytime

Data Plan

Every 1 MB RM 0.05/session*

e.g.1 – if you download 1MB of data, you will be charged RM0.05 or if you download 1.5MB, you will be charged RM0.10.
e.g.2 – if you download 1MB of data, but it was done in 3 sessions, you will be charged RM0.15.

Top Up Validity :

Physical Top Up Voucher

RM 5 5 days
RM 10 11 days
RM 30 50 days
RM 50 75 days

E-Top Up

RM 3 3 days
RM 4 4 days
RM 5 5 days
RM 10 11 days
RM 30 50 days
RM 50 75 days
RM 100 110 days
RM 200 220 days
RM 300 365 days

Online Top Up on SelfCare

RM 30 50 days
RM 50 75 days

Credit Transfer

RM 3 2 days
RM 5 2 days

*A transaction fee of RM0.50 will be charged to both sender and recipient.
Sender must have a minimum balance of RM10.00 after the transfer
Maximum of one credit transfer transaction per day only (transferor and recipient)

Inactive Period – 45 days, terminated on day 46th of inactivation.

Tune Talk Prepaid

Tune Talk

Tune Talk is a Tune Group Company, which also same with AirAsia.

TuneTalk is a MVNO of Celcom. They uses Celcom infrastructure and their frequency bands are GSM 900 and GSM 1800.

TuneTalk offer only 1 plan which is TuneTalk Prepaid.

Voice Calls to All Networks RM 0.22/min
Video Calls N/A
Charging Block 60 seconds
SMS to All Networks RM 0.05/SMS
RM 0.10/10 KB

Simply Voice Calls and SMS services, no MMS, GPRS or 3G services are provided.

Bonuses of TuneTalk Prepaid

Free RM 100,000 Personal Accidental Insurance (by Etiqa)

Conditions: Maintain a minimum RM 30 monthly top up to keep it active.

Change Mobile Number Anytime

Just login to self care account and change the mobile number easily.

Free RM200 AirAsia e-Gift Voucher

Every 100th, 200th, 300th, 400th, 500th, 600th, 700th, 800th, 900th, and 1,000th top up of the day will received Free RM 200 AirAsia e-Gift Voucher.

10 Free 200 vouchers are giving out daily.

Review of TuneTalk Prepaid:

Low call and sms rates, however, please be informed that even you made a short call, even 2 seconds, but you still have to pay for 1 minute call rate — RM 0.22/min due to their 60 seconds charging block.

If you just simply need a prepaid plan to make a call and sms and don’t need data service, then TuneTalk suit your needs the most, because they do not provide any data service like MMS, GPRS, 3G etc.

You can enjoy same coverage as Celcom because TuneTalk is MVNO of Celcom. You stand a chance to win a RM 200 AirAsia e-Gift Voucher.

Recommend for those who like simple. 😉

DiGi Prepaid Bonus

Every telco in Malaysia offers several bonuses for their subscribers in order to keep them happy and continue to use their service. And now, we are going to tell you, what bonuses DiGi is offering to their subscribers. 😉

Bonuses for DiGi Prepaid & DiGi Campus

Reload Bonus

Total Reload Value over 3 months Free TalkTime Credit
RM 120 – RM 249.99 3 %
RM 250 – RM 499.99 8 %
RM 500 & above 12 %

Birthday Bonus

Get 50 % extra talktime credit 3 days before & 3 days after your birthday. You have totally 7 days (3+1+3) to get this 50 % bonus.

Maximum capped on RM 250. That’s mean if you reload over RM 500, you will get only max RM 250 as bonus.

Condition : Be a DiGi prepaid or DiGi Campus subscribers for at least 3 months.

For example, your birthday on 8th December, when you reload RM 100 on 11th Dec, you will get RM 50 extra, so total you will get RM 150.

Free Personal Accident Insurance (1 year) by AIG General Insurance

RM 10,000 Personal Accident Insurance FREE
RM 50,000 Personal Accident Insurance RM 2/30days
RM 100,000 Personal Accident Insurance RM 6/30days
RM 100,000 Family Personal Accident Insurance RM 15/30days

Occasionally Discount Coupon/Voucher
Rarely benefit from it to other than Selangor & KL regions subscribers.

Tomorrow we will continue to DiGi Postpaid services and their hidden charges as well.