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MediaRing Talk VoIP

Unlike Skype, DellMont, Betamax, Globe 7 and many other VoIP service providers we will share with you later, MediaRing Talk call rates are not only based on which destination country you are calling to, but also based on from where you are calling it.

Several VoIP providers we have discussed with you in this few days and majority of the VoIP providers in the world, their charges only based on where you call, but not count along with from where you make the calls.

Today, we will share this special VoIP provider with you – MediaRing Talk. Why only share this company but not other similar charges based providers too? This is because MediaRing Talk is from our neighbour country – Singapore, and many Malaysian are using their service. We are not offense to them or any other VoIP providers, but we are comparing the services with you and aim for save money – as purpose or established of RMvalues.

Let’s see their rates (calling from Malaysia to Malaysia)

Landline – USD $ 0.018
Mobiles – USD $ 0.052

SMS – USD $ 0.10

From what you can see, the call rate, especially to Mobile is ‘very expensive’ if we compare to DellMont, Betamax, Globe 7 and so on, but is a bit cheaper than Skype, because they are not charging the connection fee.


We have tested MediaRing Talk for few weeks and we found that, their call quality is above average and quite good. Although the price is little bit expensive and different especially if you are not calling from Malaysia, but it’s still affordable. But based on our observation, there are not rate change of from where the calls made.

Beside that, you can make conference call to up to 5 persons, this facilitate you especially if you are using VoIP for business or conference calls, this unique feature is many VoIP providers do not offers.


Good for Business which always required conference call or online meeting.

Globe 7 VoIP

Today we want to share another VoIP provider – Globe 7. Globe 7 facility is based on London, UK.

If you had used Globe 7 few years ago, you must be remembered that Globe 7 began with Free calls to worldwide by referring friends to join. However, this is not longer available now (not actually now, but it ceased 2-3 years ago).

Nevertheless, Globe 7 still continue their VoIP service by offering low call rate without charging connection fee, if we compare to Skype.

Globe 7 occasionally roll out the free cash voucher for their call and sms service through their sponsor partner. At the moment of writing this post, all their offers are not available in Malaysia, but we don’t know in near future whether it will available for us or not.

How cheap is their rate?

Calls to Malaysia Landline – USD $ 0.0186
Calls to Celcom – USD $ 0.025
Calls to DiGi – USD $ 0.0295
Calls to Maxis – USD $ 0.0293
Calls to Other Mobile Operators (e.g. U Mobile, XOX etc) – USD $ 0.033

SMS Malaysia – USD $ 0.0944

Minimum recharge amount is USD 5 (~RM 16) through Moneybookers or charge/credit/debit cards.


We do not write review for Globe 7 because we had been using Globe 7 only for several times, and we have no enough data to evaluate their service. Basically their quality is in average as for our experience.