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Watch 2010 FIFA World Cup South Africa Live via Internet

Opening match of 2010 FIFA World Cup South Africa will be held tonight on Johannesburg – JSC at 10pm Malaysia local time. We believed that for those who are reading our post today are not going to South Africa to watch live soccer match in stadium.

Well, we know that RTM, TV3 and Astro have purchased the rights for the broadcast of 2010 FIFA World Cup and NTV7, 8TV and TV9 will relay all matches. However, today we gonna share with you how to watch 2010 FIFA World Cup South Africa Live Online.

This info may be important for you, especially if you don’t have television at home but have internet, thought it’s nearly impossible today in Malaysia. 😉

SopCast – One of the most popular and older programs for watching TV online. Adopting P2P(Peer-to-Peer) technology, It is very efficient and easy to use.

It has been developed very well with alot of interesting feautures and options. So far it’s the best program, which has improved a lot with less breaks during busy moments.

And the most important is, SopCast is Freeware, mean you don’t need to pay any money and you can use it as long as you like.

We tested SopCast on different internet speed and we found that, you should have a minimum 512kbps connection speed, otherwise you will not be able to watch the match smoothly. We recommend 1Mbps speed.

You can get SopCast here.

After installed SopCast, you should visit MyP2P.eu website to obtain the channel list, the FIFA World Cup channel list is here.

Beside that, you can see the live score at our special soccer live score page. It will update every 5 minutes.

Enjoy you match tonight!

2010 FIFA World Cup South Africa Group Match Scheduled

2010 FIFA World Cup South Africa Group Match Scheduled

MatchGroupDateTime (Malaysia)StadiumVS
1A11/06/201010 p.m.Soccer CitySouth AfricaVersusMexico
2A12/06/20102.30 a.m.Cape TownUruguayVersusFrance
3B12/06/201010 p.m.Soccer CityArgentinaVersusNigeria
4B12/06/20107.30 p.m.Nelson Mandela BayKorea RepublicVersusGreece
5C13/06/20102.30 a.m.RustenburgEnglandVersusUSA
6C13/06/20107.30 p.m.PolokwaneAlgeriaVersusSlovenia
7D14/06/20102.30 a.m.DurbanGermanyVersusAustralia
8D13/06/201010 p.m.PretoriaSerbiaVersusGhana
9E14/06/20107.30 p.m.Soccer CityNetherlandsVersusDenmark
10E14/06/201010 p.m.BloemfonteinJapanVersusCameroon
11F15/06/20102.30 a.m.Cape TownItalyVersusParaguay
12F15/06/20107.30 p.m.RustenburgNew ZealandVersusSlovakia
13G15/06/201010 p.m.Nelson Mandela BayCôte d’IvoireVersusPortugal
14G16/06/20102.30 a.m.Soccer CityBrazilVersusKorea DPR
15H16/06/20107.30 p.m.NelspruitHondurasVersusChile
16H16/06/201010 p.m.DurbanSpainVersusSwitzerland
17A17/06/20102.30 a.m.PretoriaSouth AfricaVersusUruguay
18A18/06/20102.30 a.m.PolokwaneFranceVersusMexico
19B17/06/201010 p.m.BloemfonteinGreeceVersusNigeria
20B17/06/20107.30 p.m.Soccer CityArgentinaVersusKorea Republic
21D18/06/20107.30 p.m.Nelson Mandela BayGermanyVersusSerbia
22C18/06/201010 p.m.Soccer CitySloveniaVersusUSA
23C19/06/20102.30 a.m.Cape TownEnglandVersusAlgeria
24D19/06/201010 p.m.RustenburgGhanaVersusAustralia
25E19/06/20107.30 p.m.DurbanNetherlandsVersusJapan
26E20/06/20102.30 a.m.PretoriaCameroonVersusDenmark
27F20/06/20107.30 p.m.BloemfonteinSlovakiaVersusParaguay
28F20/06/201010 p.m.NelspruitItalyVersusNew Zealand
29G21/06/20102.30 a.m.Soccer CityBrazilVersusCôte d’Ivoire
30G21/06/20107.30 p.m.Cape TownPortugalVersusKorea DPR
31H21/06/201010 p.m.Nelson Mandela BayChileVersusSwitzerland
32H22/06/20102.30 a.m.Soccer CitySpainVersusHonduras
33A22/06/201010 p.m.RustenburgMexicoVersusUruguay
34A22/06/201010 p.m.BloemfonteinFranceVersusSouth Africa
35B23/06/20102.30 a.m.DurbanNigeriaVersusKorea Republic
36B23/06/20102.30 a.m.PolokwaneGreeceVersusArgentina
37C23/06/201010 p.m.Nelson Mandela BaySloveniaVersusEngland
38C23/06/201010 p.m.PretoriaUSAVersusAlgeria
39D24/06/20102.30 a.m.Soccer CityGhanaVersusGermany
40D24/06/20102.30 a.m.NelspruitAustraliaVersusSerbia
41F24/06/201010 p.m.Soccer CitySlovakiaVersusItaly
42F24/06/201010 p.m.PolokwaneParaguayVersusNew Zealand
43E25/06/20102.30 a.m.RustenburgDenmarkVersusJapan
44E25/06/20102.30 a.m.Cape TownCameroonVersusNetherlands
45G25/06/201010 p.m.DurbanPortugalVersusBrazil
46G25/06/201010 p.m.NelspruitKorea DPRVersusCôte d’Ivoire
47H26/06/20102.30 a.m.PretoriaChileVersusSpain
48H26/06/20102.30 a.m.BloemfonteinSwitzerlandVersusHonduras

Tomorrow we will tell you the 2nd stage matches scheduled. Be sure to come back. 😉

Cape Town, South Africa

Name: Cape Town The city’s name is derived from its association with the Cape of Good Hope.
Province: Western Cape
Map: Google Map
Population: 1,3 million
Altitude: 0m
Geography: The city is located on either side of a mountain ridge on the Cape Peninsula and low-lying flat areas at sea level.
Climate: Mediterranean climate with winter rainfall and temperatures around 18°C. Summer time is generally warm with temperatures in the range of 25-27°C.
Key Economic Sectors: Tourism, Agriculture, Manufacturing
Professional Football Clubs: Ajax Cape Town, Santos  (Premier) Hanover Park, Ikapa Sporting, FC Cape Town (1st Division)
Stadium: Green Point Stadium

Place to See

District Six Museum – Your one essential museum visit in Cape Town should be here. As much for the people of the now vanished District Six as it is about them, this is a hugely moving and informative exhibition which repays repeat visits.

Heart of Cape Town Museum – Capetonians are very proud that their city was the first place in the world where a successful heart transplant operation was carried out (never mind that the recipient died a few days later). This museum allows you to see the very theatre in Groote Schuur Hospital where history was made in 1967.

Kirstenbosch Botanical Gardens – Covering over 500 hectares of Table Mountain, this is one of the most beautiful gardens in the world. The landscaped section merges almost imperceptibly with the fynbos (fine bush) vegetation cloaking the mountain and overlooking False Bay and the Cape Flats. Apart from the almond hedge, some magnificent oaks, and the Moreton Bay fig and camphor trees planted by Cecil Rhodes, the gardens are devoted almost exclusively to indigenous plants.

Robben Island – Proclaimed a UN World Heritage Site in 1999, Robben Island is unmissable. Used as a prison from the early days of the VOC right up until the first years of majority rule, Robben Island’s most famous involuntary resident was Nelson Mandela. For this reason alone, it is one of Cape Town’s most popular pilgrimage spots.

Rondevlei Nature Reserve – Hippos hadn’t lived in the marshes here for 300 years until they were re-introduced in 1981 to this small, picturesque nature reserve west of Muizenberg. There are now eight hippos, but they’re shy creatures and it’s unlikely that you’ll spot them unless you stay overnight – which can be arranged.

South African Museum – South Africa’s is the oldest museum. Although not a must-see, it does contain a wide and often intriguing series of exhibitions, many on the country’s natural history. The best galleries are the newest, showcasing the art and culture of the area’s first peoples, the Khoekhoen and San, and including the famous Linton Panel, an amazing example of San rock art.

Two Oceans Aquarium – This excellent aquarium features denizens of the deep from both the cold and the warm oceans that border the Cape, including great white sharks, penguins, stingrays and turtles, along with an astounding kelp forest and pools in which kids can touch sea creatures. Qualified divers can swim with the sharks!

Source: Hostelbay – island hopping Greece.