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GlobalTestMarket – Another Proven Opinion Sharing Earn Money Program

Remember few weeks ago I shared an opinion sharing (aka survey) earn money programme – ValuedOpinions ? Global Test Market differ from ValuedOpinions by mean of reward. ValuedOpinions give you KFC or Jusco voucher, while Global Test Market give you cash.

Global Test Market

Both opinion sharing (survey) program are actually quite similar, but Valued Opinions rewards you each survey in a fix amount of money value, and Global Test Market offer you from 5 to 35 market points.

Advantages is as long as you began the survey, you’re guaranteed to receive 5 market points, unlike Valued Opinions required completion of the survey, then only qualified for the rewards. Minimum cash out market points is 1,000 points (now required 1,100 points) in exchange to USD $50. Continue reading

Earn Money by Sharing Your Opinions – Valued Opinions

Yes, the title are right. You can earn money by sharing or giving out your opinions. Online survey is the most easy way to earn money by spending 10-20 minutes for completing a survey.

During the past few months, I’ve been testing several online survey companies, and I have found some reliable companies which did pay you. This company I’m going to share with you isn’t pay you in cash, but they are giving you either KFC cash voucher or Jusco cash voucher. (Don’t worry, you can choose which voucher you want.)

Valued Opinion is a company owned by Research Now Ltd, from England. However, on their website has no any information about their branch or any affiliation in Malaysia. But this isn’t a big issue, as they did pay.

The minimum payout threshold is RM 30. They claimed that the rewards for each survey is typically from RM 4 to RM 10 and can up to RM 100 Continue reading

Earn & Save Money from your Mobile Prepaid Reload

When I was using DiGi prepaid some years ago, I was thinking beside receiving reload bonuses, can I actually save money on buying reload card to top up my balance? Of course there are many ways to achieve it.

One of the most popular way is to become a reload card selling agent, you not only can top up your mobile prepaid balance, but you can also sell it to your friends to earn money. So I’ve contacted several well known company like e-pay, unfortunately they required business registration as well as the initial funding, until I found Airtime Gateway. (I’ve no idea why their website still isn’t developed although they have registered a domain)

I’ve been using it for over a year until I switch to postpaid plan, but I still have few Ringgit balance in my account and I still maintain an active account, because I’m satisfied with their service. The commission they offered from as low as 0.6% up to 12%, and covered not only telcos, but also Astro as well. Continue reading