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Best 24 Months Contracted iPhone 5 Plan – Celcom vs DiGi vs Maxis

Since the Celcom iPhone 5 packages has been revealed yesterday evening, everyone are not concern on which iPhone 5 plan is the best. However, there is no such thing, the best.

I’ve prepared a few comparison chart to compare the current 3 telecommunication providers’ (Celcom, DiGi and Maxis) Apple iPhone 5 plans as a reference guide for you to choose the affordable and suitable iPhone 5 plan.

If you’ve read my previous post ‘Contracted iPhone 5 – DiGi vs Maxis‘, you probably wonder why I compared the plans by their actual monthly commitment but not what the telco stated, for example iDiGi 138, I compare it together with Maxis iValue 1 but not compare the iDiGi 88 with iValue 1.

But if you compare carefully, you will found that actually their bundle usage are close similar, but the total payment for 24 months commitment + iPhone 5 device price will shock you. I hope by using this new idea to compare will give you a new idea and experience on how to choose a best plan for you.

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Contracted iPhone 5 – DiGi vs Maxis

Soon after I published my previous post ‘Malaysian Will Get Apple iPhone 5 on 14th December 2012‘, I suddenly had something urgent which forced me out of town for few days, and I’m apologize as I was unable to update the latest iPhone 5 packages immediately, due to without internet connection.

This time the contracted iPhone 5 offered by Malaysian telco is quite different from the previous year, because they have revealed their plan and packages before the official launch date on 14th December. However, Celcom still keep their packages from public, while Maxis was the first revealed their packages followed by DiGi.

This is the DiGi iPhone 5 plans, no surprise, as DiGi still following their tradition, expensive iPhone 5 device price and cheaper plan commitment, but is DiGi really cheap? Let’s look into their plans first, and I’ll compare it later in this post.

PlaniDiGi 88iDiGi 138iDiGi 238
CommitmentRM 60RM 93RM 161
Bundle Usages
Call within same network200 minutes450 minutes1000 minutes
Call other networks
SMS within same network200 SMS400 SMS600 SMS
SMS other networks
MMS within same network204060
MMS other networks
Data1 GB3 GB5 GB
Charging Block30 seconds
Exceed Usages
Calls to all networksRM 0.15/minuteRM 0.12/minuteRM 0.10/minute
SMS to all networksRM 0.10/SMS
MMS to all networksRM 0.20/MMS
DataSpeed throttle
Charging Block30 seconds
24 months contracted iPhone 5 device pricing
16 GBRM 2,012
32 GBRM 2,322
64 GBRM 2,632

Now, please check also Maxis iPhone 5 plans. We were expected to see Maxis to replace their iValue plan with new SurfMore like what in their postpaid plan, however Maxis still keeping their iValue plan like what DiGi does. But this time Maxis has allocated 1,000 minutes free on-net call (Maxis to Maxis) like Celcom iPhone 4S and increase their on-net SMS into 1,000. Continue reading

Malaysian Will Get Apple iPhone 5 on 14th December 2012

We have been waiting for the new iPhone 5 to be available in Malaysia since 21st September, finally Apple has brought a good news to us, we will get iPhone 5 on 14th December through 3 telcos – Celcom, DiGi, and Maxis, and most probably Apple Online Store will be sold on the same time.

According to the Apple press info, there are another 32 countries together with Malaysia getting iPhone 5 on 14th December, which included our neighbour countries – Indonesia and Philippines. Today afternoon almost 4pm, I received email from Maxis titled ‘The Brand New iPhone 5 Coming Soon’.

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