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DiGi Prepaid – DiGi Easy Prepaid

DiGi Easy Prepaid
Starter PackRM 16.80
Preloaded TalktimeRM 8
12 am to 8pm daily
Voice and Video Calls to All NetworksRM 0.30/min
SMS to All NetworksRM 0.08/sms
MMS to All NetworksRM 0.25/mms
Charging Block30 seconds
Buddyz*3 DiGi Numbers
Voice and Video CallsFree
MMSRM 0.25/mms
Charging Block30 seconds
8.01pm to 11.59pm
Voice and Video Calls to All NetworksRM 0.30/min
SMS to All NetworksRM 0.08/sms
MMS to All NetworksRM 0.25/mms
Charging Block30 seconds
Buddyz*3 DiGi Numbers
Voice and Video CallsRM 0.12/min
SMSRM 0.01/sms
MMSRM 0.10/mms
Charging Block30 seconds

*RM 10 for every Buddyz number changed.

Data Plans

PlanSpeedQuotaExceed QuotaChargesAuto Renewal
Pay As You Use384 kbpsUnlimitedRM 0.10/10kb before you hit RM 3N/A
Max 3384 kbps100MBthrottle to 128kbpsRM 3/dayN/A
Unlimited 3384 kbps50MBthrottle to 128kbpsRM 3/dayYes
Unlimited 15384 kbps250 MBthrottle to 128kbpsRM 15/weekYes

How to Reload

  1. Reload Coupon
  2. Flexi e-Load
  3. Store Reload
  4. Automatic Reload
  5. Bank Reload Services

Reload Validity

All Reload Channel
RM 1010 days
RM 2020 days
RM 3030 days
RM 5050 days
RM 100120 days
Flexi e-Load
RM 55 days
RM 66 days
Every RM 11 day
RM 9999 days
RM 100120 days

Talktime Transfer – Not Available for DiGi Easy Prepaid

Talktime Advance – Borrow talktime from DiGi

Advance AmountService ChargeHow Much You’ll ReceiveHow Long It Lasts
RM350senRM2.502 days

This service can only be used when your talktime credit is between 1 sen to RM2
Talktime Advance can only be used once between each reload

Talktime Transfer International

You can transfer your talktime credit to 6 foreign countries telcos.

Max RM100 of talktime credit may be transferred per month

More info please refer here.

Caller Tunes – RM 3 for first month, subsequent months RM 2/month


Free SMS – 10 FREE SMS to all networks with every reload worth RM10

Free Personal Accident Insurance – (1 year) covered by AIG General Insurance

RM 10,000 Personal Accident InsuranceFREE
RM 50,000 Personal Accident InsuranceRM 2/30days
RM 100,000 Personal Accident InsuranceRM 6/30days
RM 100,000 Family Personal Accident InsuranceRM 15/30days

Reload Bonus – Not Available for DiGi Easy Prepaid

Birthday Bonus

Get 50 % extra talktime credit 3 days before & 3 days after your birthday. You have totally 7 days (3+1+3) to get this 50 % bonus.

Maximum capped on RM 250. That’s mean if you reload over RM 500, you will get only max RM 250 as bonus.

Condition : Be a DiGi prepaid subscribers for at least 3 months.

For example, your birthday on 8th December, when you reload RM 100 on 11th Dec, you will get RM 50 extra, so total you will get RM 150.

DiGi Priority Services – By Invitation only

Special Attention

DiGi will charge from your freebies account which contains all the bonuses first until all of your freebies utilize, then only charge from your main balance which is the talktime you reloaded.

When charge from your freebies account, all rates are charged based on the original rate, which means RM 0.30/min calls to all networks until all of your free talktime finished but it will be charged in 60 seconds block. Until you have finished all of your freebies only revert back to 30 seconds block.

Same for the data service, you will be charged RM 0.10/10kb until all of your freebies data usage as well as freebies bonus finished, then only charge from your main account until hit RM 3, then the new Internet Unlimited Max 3 rate only applied.

For example you have RM 50 in your freebies account, you will be charge RM 0.10/10kb until all of your RM 50 freebies finished, which mean after you surf for just 5000kb, your RM 50 freebies is gone, then continue to charge you another RM 3 until you hit max RM 3, then the unlimited Internet Max 3 package will be applied.