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Earn & Save Money from your Mobile Prepaid Reload

When I was using DiGi prepaid some years ago, I was thinking beside receiving reload bonuses, can I actually save money on buying reload card to top up my balance? Of course there are many ways to achieve it.

One of the most popular way is to become a reload card selling agent, you not only can top up your mobile prepaid balance, but you can also sell it to your friends to earn money. So I’ve contacted several well known company like e-pay, unfortunately they required business registration as well as the initial funding, until I found Airtime Gateway. (I’ve no idea why their website still isn’t developed although they have registered a domain)

I’ve been using it for over a year until I switch to postpaid plan, but I still have few Ringgit balance in my account and I still maintain an active account, because I’m satisfied with their service. The commission they offered from as low as 0.6% up to 12%, and covered not only telcos, but also Astro as well. Continue reading

Earn Money – EUFreelance

Today the post will be the 3rd freelancer marketplace – EUFreelance. EUFreelance isn’t a marketplace for EU or European citizens, but it’s open to any one of you. Then what’s so special about EUFreelance?

If you read our previous ScriptLance and Freelancer posts, you will notice that the money you can earn is in United State Dollar (USD), and EUFreelance is giving you the opportunity to earn in Euro (EUR). If you don’t know the rate of EUR to RM is higher than USD to RM, then you should check it here in XE.com.

How much does it cost to use ?

EUFreelance is FREE to join. Some fees are applied if you:

Service Buyers

  1. Regular projects that are closed – 3% or €3 commission(whichever is greater)
  2. Featured for a fee of €25 upfront

Service Providers

  1. 10% or €5(whichever is greater) on the project you won and completed.

Does EUFreelance offer any referral program ?

Yes, EUFreelance pay you 100% commission of all fees taken from the buyers and providers you referred. However, we did not found the information in their website nor terms and condition on how long they will pay you.

How will you get paid ?

You will be paid via Moneybookers with €0.75 fee. Minimum payment amoun tis € 30.

Our Opinion:

We believe that you are happy to earn Euro instead of USD due to the higher exchange rate to Ringgit Malaysia (MYR).

Join EUFreelance by clicking this link !

Earn Money – Freelancer

If you still remember, yesterday we introduced you the ScriptLance. Today we are introducing you another freelancer marketplace which is Freelancer.

Freelancer works exactly same as ScriptLance. However, there are several differences and Freelancer offer you more widely selection on the field you expert on.

In Freelancer, you can find Sales & Marketing, Product Sourcing & Manufacturing, Business, Accounting, Human Resources & Legal and some other special projects which you can’t find it on other places.

How much does it cost to join ?

You are free to join. But there are some fees for :

For employers

  • Posting a project USD $ 5 (refundable on selecting a Service Provider)
  • Selecting a Service Provider USD $ 3 or 3%, whatever is higher
  • Posting a Featured Project USD $ 19
  • Hide Project from Search Engines USD $ 3
  • Hide Bids from Other Users USD $ 1
  • Posting a Full Time Project USD $ 99.95

For workers

  • Free to bid on Projects
  • Project fee USD $ 5 or 10%, whatever is higher
  • Won a Full Time Project USD $ 0 fee

You can also subscribe to Gold Membership for special fees, more information please refer to their official website later.

Does Freelancer offer referral program ?

Yes, it does. You can earn 90% of the project fees taken for the first 3 months of the referral memberships only.

* Project fees mean the total project fees less any chargebacks, refunds, and reversals.

How do I get paid ?

Payment will be sent to you via Freelancer Debit Card, PayPal, MoneyBookers and Bank Wire Transfer. Minimum payment is USD$ 30, for PayPal payment USD $ 1 fee will be charged.

Our Opinion

If you already join ScriptLance, why don’t you join Freelancer too ? It’s free to join and pay fee only when you got project and earn money. We recommend you join Freelancer and earn money instantly. 😉

To become a Freelancer, please click here !