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SpeakOut Wireless – Mobile Virtual Network Operator by 7 Eleven

SpeakOut Wireless

If you visit SpeakOut Wireless, you will see a cute pretty girl there, did you see her? ūüôā

SpeakOut Wireless is a service that powered by 7 Eleven Malaysia. In Canada, it called 7 Eleven SpeakOut Wireless. SpeakOut Wireless Malaysia is using DiGi network to provide the services since year 2011. Currently there are only Happy , SpeakOut Wireless and 1 more MVNO (I’ll tell you later) using DiGi network.

Calls All NetworksRM 0.16/minute
Charging Block30 seconds
SMS All NetworksRM 0.05/SMS
MMS All NetworksRM 0.25/MMS
Data ChargesRM 0.10/MB*

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Compare Mobile Prepaid Favorite Numbers Special Rates

As we compare the Mobile Prepaid call and sms rates with Mobile Postpaid, very clearly to see, prepaid always has the best sms rate while postpaid has the cheapest call rate. But we are greedy, we love to have both call and sms in cheap and affordable, so that we can always keep in touch with our love, family, and friends.

Logically that’s not possible to have both in low cost. But thanks to some of the mobile operators as well as mobile virtual network operators, they offers us to assign some favorite numbers to enjoy a lower call and sms rates.

This allow us to always keep connected with whoever we wish to in affordable low rate. However, they are still some limitations, like certain telcos only allow to assign their own network numbers while certain telcos are allowing us to assign any networks’ numbers.

Beside that, total favorite numbers that we can assign also determine how attractive they are. For example we prefer to have 15 favorite numbers rather than only 3 favorite numbers.

Let’s go for our comparison chart, then we will analyze it and recommend which plans are the most attractive as well as afforable.

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Compare Mobile Prepaid SMS Rates

Do you know what’s your current mobile prepaid plan sms rate ? To same network as well as to other networks ? Can you afford it ? Or you might want to find a cheaper one ? Or your current prepaid plan is the cheapest among all the operators ?

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Compare Mobile Prepaid SMS Rates (On-Net and Off-Net)

OperatorsPlansSMS to Same NetworkSMS to Other Networks
 Celcom Xpax RM 0.01 RM 0.05
 DiGi Best Prepaid RM 0.10 (before RM 1 usage)
RM 0.01 (after RM 1 usage)
 RM 0.10
 Easy Prepaid RM 0.08 RM 0.08
 Hotlink Bagus 5 RM 0.01 RM 0.10
 U Mobile U Prepaid RM 0.03 RM 0.08
 Happy Happy Prepaid RM 0.05 RM 0.07
 Kelantan dan Terengganu RM 0.01 RM 0.06
 TuneTalk Mobile Prepaid RM 0.05 RM 0.05
 XOX XinXun Classic RM 0.07 RM 0.12
 XinXun Silver RM 0.06 RM 0.11
 XinXun Gold RM 0.05 RM 0.10


Very obviously, Celcom SMS rate is the cheapest among other operators, because it has the lowest SMS rate to it’s own network as well as other networks.