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Charity – WWF Malaysia

What is WWF ? WWF stands for World Wide Fund For Nature. It was formerly known as the World Wildlife Fund but adopted its current name to show that it also works on other environmental issues, and not just wildlife.

WWF Malaysia

WWF Malaysia was established on 13th January 1972. WWF Malaysia early work focused on scientific research of wildlife and important natural habitats. This later expanded to the management of protected areas. Today, their work covers the broader issues of the natural environment, incorporating such aspects as policy work, environmental education, public awareness and campaigns.

WWF’s Mission – to stop the degradation of the planet’s natural environment and to build a future in which humans live in harmony with nature.

What WWF Malaysia Works?

  • Species
    The tropical rainforests, seas and freshwater ecosystems of Malaysia support a rich and diverse array of both flora and fauna species; in fact, Malaysia is recognised as one of 12 mega-diversity countries with many of its species occurring in unusually high densities. However, many of these species are threatened. Recognising this issue, WWF Malaysia work towards the protection and management of six different species through landscape-based approaches.
  • Forests
    An estimated 13 hectares of the world’s forest are lost. In the next 30 seconds, another 13 hectares will disappear. Within a minute, mankind succeeds in undoing 1,000 years of natural evolution. Read on to understand a little more about our forests work and how you can help them to change for the better.
  • Freshwater
    Freshwater is perhaps the most crucial resource for humans and all other living creatures on earth. Sufficient clean water is essential for healthy living as well as the health of the environment. Our freshwater ecosystems continually face numerous threats and challenges. Recognising this, WWF-Malaysia promotes the conservation, integrated management and sustainable use of the freshwater ecosystems.
  • Marine
    Malaysia’s warm tropical seas are home to some of the richest coral reefs, mangrove forests, green sea turtles and other endangered marine species such as hawksbill turtles, dugongs, whale sharks, and humphead wrasse. This vast sea area is rich with fishery resources and habitats. Fish are an important sustainable resource but overfishing and habitat destruction can threaten this.
  • Environmental education
    Today the world is changing at an accelerated pace and the need for effective conservation education is much more pressing. WWF-Malaysia believes that effective conservation education programmes, both formal and community based, can have a tremendous impact on the Malaysian society and the nation’s behaviour towards its environment.
  • Policy
    WWF-Malaysia has been involved in policy work for over 20 years. To be effective in policy advocacy work, they adopt various approaches and optimise on effective partnerships to promote the establishment of policies, plans, programmes and legislation that integrate environmental concerns for sustainable development.

If you want to help WWF Malaysia, you can participate in their Save the Day Campaign 2010, become their volunteer or internship or donate them to help them to work better.

Charity – Sightsavers

This month Charity program which we are introducing to you today is – Sightsavers.

What is Sightsavers ?

Sighsavers is an international charity which works with partners to eliminate avoidable blindness and promote equality of opportunity for disabled people in the developing world.

What Sightsavers work and help ?

Sighsavers helps developing countries in:

  • Prevention and cure
    1. Curing blindness
    2. Preventing blindness
    3. Training eye care workers
  • Working with blindness
    1. Rehabilitation
    2. Social inclusion
    3. Tools and technology
  • Education
    1. Learning and blindness
    2. Working with teachers
    3. Global Campaign for Education
  • Community development
    1. Advocacy
    2. Partnership
    3. Sustainability
  • Advocacy
    1. Advocacy successes
    2. World Sight Day

Where Sightsavers work ?

Sightsavers currently working in Asia, East Africa, Southern Africa, West Africa and The Caribbean.

How success is Sightsavers work ?

Based on their statistics in year 2009, Sightsavers was achieve many successes, such as:

  • 5,721,684 people were seen by their local partners, and 3,776,008 people treated as a result.
  • Supported 344,442 eye operations.
  • 22,120,259 people were protected against river blindness in Africa.
  • Supported the training of 73,608 primary eye care workers.
  • Their partners helped 8,670 people who are blind to lead independent lives by training in mobility, orientation and life skills.
  • Supported 5,910 children who are visually impaired to attend mainstream schools.

Do you know, as little as few pounds (£), you can save an eye.

To help them, please visit their official website


Charity – Save the Children

Today we would like to introduce you another charity organization – Save the Children.

Save the Children

Save the Children is the leading independent organization creating lasting change in the lives of children in need in the United States and around the world.

Their mission is to create lasting, positive change in the lives of children in need. And their vision is a world in which every child is ensured the right to survival, protection, development and participation.

They provide a wide range of programs, including:

  • Training new mothers with prenatal care
  • Supplying life-saving immunizations for young children
  • Building schools in developing countries
  • Improving literacy and nutrition for children living in rural poverty in the U.S.

They are helping the Developing World to ensure that children can survive and thrive, and that their families and communities have the resources, and skills to enable them to do so.

In USA they ensures that children in need participate in quality literacy, nutrition and physical activity programs.

In Emergencies and Crisis, they works for and with children at risk of hunger and malnutrition and those affected by natural disaster, war and conflict.

They have over 75 years of experience working hand-in-hand, shoulder-to shoulder with families and communities at home and abroad.

They take part in:

  • Economic Opportunities – help women entrepreneurs in developing countries.
  • Education – the promise of a better life for children.
  • Respond to emergencies
    that put child survival at greatest risk.
  • Programs enhance the protection of vulnerable children.
  • With local, int. NGO’s and donors to address health needs of children.
  • Hunger and Malnutrition – address causes of food insecurity, as it targets the vulnerable.
  • Literacy and nutrition
    improves academic performance and

According to their annual report, 92% of their funds are using on their programme services where we mentioned above and the rest are for management, general, fundraising and other costs.

If you’re interested to help them by mean of donation, volunteer, Sponsorship and so on, please visit

Save the Children Official Website http://www.savethechildren.org/