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Malaysian Will Get Apple iPhone 5 on 14th December 2012

We have been waiting for the new iPhone 5 to be available in Malaysia since 21st September, finally Apple has brought a good news to us, we will get iPhone 5 on 14th December through 3 telcos – Celcom, DiGi, and Maxis, and most probably Apple Online Store will be sold on the same time.

According to the Apple press info, there are another 32 countries together with Malaysia getting iPhone 5 on 14th December, which included our neighbour countries – Indonesia and Philippines. Today afternoon almost 4pm, I received email from Maxis titled ‘The Brand New iPhone 5 Coming Soon’.

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Beware of 03-20366888

Few days ago (25th Oct), I received a call from 03-2036 6888, a Chinese lady said that I’m a Celcom customer and I’ve been selected for this special offer – a special insurance plan that get paid RM 300 per day if I unable to work due to accident or medical problem.

I was frustrated when I received such a call and I get even irritated was she keep talking even I told her that I’m not interested and I’m busy!

I then checked with Celcom customer service via 1111, a Celcom customer care representative had confirmed that, the number mentioned above wasn’t from Celcom or any Celcom authorized party.

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Compare Celcom First Voice and Celcom Exec

Celcom has just launched a new postpaid plan, which is Celcom First Voice. If you’re the existing Celcom Exec subscribers like me, you might be thinking the same question like me, should I change to the new plan?

I will take Celcom Exec 50 to compare with the Celcom First Voice. Why? Because Exec 50 is the most valuable plan in Celcom Exec plan. Let’s us revise the Exec 50 features here.

Discount for Celcom Exec 50

  1. Total Monthly Usage RM 60 – RM 79.99 = 10%
  2. Total Monthly Usage RM 80 – RM 149.99 = 20%
  3. Total Monthly Usage RM 150 and above = 30%

Now let’s see the First Voice plans. Although it has auto rate feature which can auto adjust your rate, but… Continue reading