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Celcom Prepaid – Celcom Xpax

Celcom Xpax

Old Celcom Xpax Rates (Activated before 8th April 2011)
Voice Call to all numbersRM 0.38/min
Video Call to Celcom numbersRM 0.70/min
Video Call to non-Celcom numbersRM 0.90/min
SMS to all numbersRM 0.10/SMS
MMS to all numbersRM 0.35/MMS
Number of Friends15 (Any networks)
Voice Call to 15 friendsRM 0.12/min
Video Call to 15 FriendsRM 0.30/min
SMS to Celcom FriendsRM 0.005/SMS
SMS to non-Celcom FriendsRM 0.06/SMS
MMS to 15 FriendsRM 0.35/MMS
Charging Block60 seconds
New Celcom Xpax Rates (Activated on 8th April 2011 onwards)
Call to Celcom Networks (Voice + Video)RM 0.28/10min
Call to Non-Celcom Networks (Voice + Video)RM 0.28/5min
SMS to Celcom NetworksRM 0.01/sms
SMS to Non-Celcom NetworksRM 0.05/sms
MMS to All Networks*RM 0.35/mms
Charging BlockUnknown
15 Px Rates
International Rates
Voice CallsRefer to Celcom
SMSRM 0.15/sms
RM 0.20/sms
RM 0.50/sms
Vary depends on Country
MMS*RM 1.50/mms

*Each MMS sent will be charged additional data, e.g. 10kb mms sent to DiGi, charges will be RM 0.35 + RM 0.10 (RM 0.10/10kb) = RM 0.45

To Migrate from Old Xpax to New Xpax

Type MIG X2 and send to 28882.


Data Plans
Pay As You UseRM 0.10/10KB
Capped on RM 250
Unlimitedup to 384kbps
Daily UnlimitedRM 51 GBup to 384kbps
Weekly UnlimitedRM 182 GBup to 384kbps

Additional Features

Credit Advance – N/A for Xpax

Credit Validity – Lazy to reload monthly ? You can extend your validity by paying 1 year (RM 30) or 2 years (RM 50).

Type EXP 1 and send to 28882. (1 year validity)

Type EXP 2 and sent to 28882. (2 years validity)

Condition – You have to reload a minimum accumulative RM 30 for the first 6 months after activate this feature.

Voice Mail Greeting – Boring with the voicemail greeting ?

Design and record your own voicemail greeting  by dialing 1313 and follow the instruction.

Unknown charges.

Airtime Sharing – You or your friends out of credit ? No problem, you can share your airtime with them from RM 1 to RM 25

To Transfer RM 1 to RM 10  – Type RM<amount> and send to 1<followed by recipient number>
e.g. RM 5 and send to 10199009000

To Transfer RM 11 to RM 25 – Type CAT<space>6 digits<space>mother’s name and send to 1019
e.g. CAT 123456 emak and send to 1019

To Request – Type RQ<space>Amount and send to 1<followed by recipient number>

Charges – RM 0.50 per successful transfer and RM 0.20 per successful request.

Validity –

RM 1 – RM 2 = 1 day

RM 3 – RM 25 = 3 days

Sim Card Rescue – Refer here.

Call Me Tones (Similar to Caller Tones) – RM 3/song/month

How to Reload ?

  • Enter *122*<16 digits reload card code># and press call button.
  • Type rec<space>16 digits reload card code and send to 2888.
  • Dial 1930 or 0193000910 and follow the steps.

How to check balance ?

  • Enter *124# and press call button.
  • Type bal and send to 2888.
  • Dial *118#

Reload validity

RM 3 – RM 93 days
RM 10 – RM 197 days
RM 20 – RM 2915 days
RM 30 and aboveRM 1 = 1 day

grace period – 50 days

void on 51st day.

How to get GPRS, WAP & 3G settings ?

Type SET and send to 20999.

Caller Line Identification Presentation (CLIP)

Call Waiting/Hold

Missed Call Notification


No Bonuses!


You can reload your airtime and your loved ones in Malaysia and abroad instantly. There are 9 countries are currently supported, more information about countries and telcos, please check here.