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GlobalTestMarket – Another Proven Opinion Sharing Earn Money Program

Remember few weeks ago I shared an opinion sharing (aka survey) earn money programme – ValuedOpinions ? Global Test Market differ from ValuedOpinions by mean of reward. ValuedOpinions give you KFC or Jusco voucher, while Global Test Market give you cash.

Global Test Market

Both opinion sharing (survey) program are actually quite similar, but Valued Opinions rewards you each survey in a fix amount of money value, and Global Test Market offer you from 5 to 35 market points.

Advantages is as long as you began the survey, you’re guaranteed to receive 5 market points, unlike Valued Opinions required completion of the survey, then only qualified for the rewards. Minimum cash out market points is 1,000 points (now required 1,100 points) in exchange to USD $50. Continue reading

Not Recommended Earn Money Program – SCOUR


Scour is a new search engine working to evolve search and deliver a much greater value to the User as well as reward the user for every search, vote and comment.

Search results are provided by Google, Yahoo! and MSN. Each time you search, you can rank, vote, and comment on the results and earn the reward points.

After collected enough points, you can exchange it into cash.

1 Point = Search, 1 Point = Vote, 1 Point = Comment

* 6,500 Rewards Points — $25.00

* 12,500 Rewards Points — $50.00

* 25,000 Rewards Points — $100.00

Beside that, you will earn extra 25% from your referral earning.

Why we spent so much time on the earn money program which do not really can earn money?

Why RMvalues do not recommend it?

  • Above exchange cash amount only eligible for Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Netherlands, Poland, Spain, U.S., and U.K
  • For other countries and Malaysia will be 50,000 Rewards Points — $5.00
  • Reward will be in Visa gift card
  • Limit to 100 daily searches and daily cap of 300 total points
  • “Cash Out” process takes 2-4 weeks
  • Possible get banned when you request “Cash Out”
  • Earning may be reduced when you request “Cash Out”
  • Points not redeemed within 5 years of being earned will be cancelled.

However, If you are the citizens from Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Netherlands, Poland, Spain, U.S., and U.K and interested to try, please visit http://www.scour.com/