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Betamax VoIP Services

Yesterday we have talked the DellMont VoIP Services and today we will continue with Betamax VoIP Services.

If you have read our yesterday post, you will find that their website look similar, client software similar and even control panel are same. Although Betamax and DellMont are very similar, but they are different companies as DellMont is based on Luxembourg while Betamax is from Germany.

Below are the brands which under Betamax:

  1. 12Voip
  2. BudgetSip
  3. CallEasy
  4. DialNow
  5. FreeCall
  6. InterVoip
  7. JustVoip
  8. LowRateVoip
  9. Nonoh
  10. NetAppel (French)
  11. PoivY
  12. SmartVoip
  13. SipDiscount
  14. SmsDiscount
  15. SmsListo
  16. SparVoip (German)
  17. VoipBuster
  18. VoipBusterPro
  19. VoipCheap
  20. VoipCheapUK
  21. VoipDiscount
  22. VoipHit
  23. VoipRaider
  24. VoipWise
  25. VoipZoom
  26. VoipStunt
  27. InternetCalls
  28. WebCallDirect

Let’s see their call and sms rates to Malaysia Landline and Mobile.

ServicesCalls to LandlineCalls to MobileSMS rate
12Voip€ 0.02 *€ 0.015€ 0.03
BudgetSip€ 0.008Celcom – € 0.025
DiGi – € 0.024
Maxis – € 0.024
Others – € 0.022
€ 0.03
CallEasy€ 0.01€ 0.015€ 0.03
DialNow€ 0.005€ 0.03€ 0.03
FreeCall€ 0.02 *€ 0.04€ 0.03
InterVoip€ 0.01€ 0.02€ 0.03
JustVoip€ 0.015 *€ 0.022€ 0.03
LowRateVoip€ 0.01€ 0.012€ 0.03
Nonoh€ 0.015 *€ 0.02€ 0.03
NetAppel€ 0.005€ 0.03€ 0.03
PoivY€ 0.003€ 0.03€ 0.03
SmartVoip€ 0.01€ 0.017€ 0.03
SipDiscount€ 0.005€ 0.04€ 0.03
SmsDiscount€ 0.01€ 0.02€ 0.03
SmsListo€ 0.003€ 0.020€ 0.03
SparVoip€ 0.01€ 0.03€ 0.03
VoipBuster€ 0.02 *€ 0.03€ 0.03
VoipBusterPro **€ 0.005€ 0.04€ 0.03
VoipCheap€ 0.01€ 0.04€ 0.03
VoipCheapUK€ 0.011€ 0.034-N/A-
VoipDiscount€ 0.005€ 0.025€ 0.03
VoipRaider€ 0.01€ 0.02€ 0.022
VoipWise€ 0.01€ 0.02€ 0.03
VoipZoom ***€ 0.01 ***€ 0.02-N/A-
VoipStunt€ 0.02 *€ 0.045€ 0.03
InternetCalls€ 0.003€ 0.04€ 0.03
WebCallDirect€ 0.003€ 0.015€ 0.03

* 90 days of free calls
Subject to max 300 minutes per week of free calls, measured over the last 7 days and per unique IP address.

** Connection fee of € 0.039 is applied to all calls.

*** VoipZoom is offering similar monthly subscription service like Skype – for just € 2.50/month

Our Reviews:

We have tested LowRateVoip, PoivY, SmartVoip, SmsDiscount, VoipBuster, VoipStunt out of all 28 VoIP providers, and below are our reviews – exactly same quality with DellMont service.

  • The common problems (voice delays, words cut, voice echo, not heard and so on) of VoIP services we mentioned yesterday frequently occurred.
  • Poor quality of service.
  • They do not obey the fair use policy – call under their limit but still being charged for overuse (which we did not).
  • Charges are based on minute billing, but not second.
  • Although the rate above are mention in 3 digits (€ 0.000) , but in accounts are showed only 2 digits (€ 0.00), so the charges are round up to 2 digits (€ 0.018 becomes € 0.02).
  • Why have to pay € 0.80 handling fees for every top up?

Now, we doubt whether DellMont and Betamax are from the same source or they are using the same equipment, server, or other facilities? What do you think?

If you have use any of the service, please share your experience with us.

Skype Rates

Today let’s talk about Skype – a famous VoIP provider. Before we review it, let’s see their call plans and rates.

Skype offers 2 call plans

  1. Pay as you go
  2. Monthly subscription

Let we begin with Pay as you go plan. What’s it? Pay as you go mean how much you use, how much you pay.

Calls to Malaysia Landline (fixed line)€0,017 /minute + €0.039 (connection fee)

Calls to Malaysia Mobile line€0,047 /minute + €0.039 (connection fee)

Connection fee only charge for 1st minute for each call. Connection fee €0.039 will be charged if you calls to any country listed in Unlimited World below or €0.079 if the countries are not listed in Unlimited World.

For example, you made a call to Malaysia mobile for 5 minutes, the call charge will be €0,047 x 5 minutes + €0.039 (connection fee) = €0.274

When you look at the pricing in Skype, you will see 2 rates, which 1 is without VAT and 1 is includes VAT. For Malaysia, as our billing address is outside Europe, we should refer to the without VAT pricing because we don’t have to pay VAT. Continue reading

What is VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) ?

Today, we will talk about VoIP. And what is VoIP ? You probably don’t know what is VoIP, but we are sure you know what is Skype. 😉

If you haven’t read our website (http://www.rmvalues.com/misc/voip.html), you might be interested in reading it and we are listing and comparing many voip providers (currently has 29) over there.

VoIP is abbreviation of Voice over Internet Protocol. It’s a general term for a family of transmission technologies for delivery of voice communications over IP networks such as the Internet or other packet-switched networks. Or we called it as the voice transmitted through the internet protocol.

Therefore, you cannot make VoIP calls without connecting to the internet.

How actually VoIP works ?

When a call is dialed, the system takes the phone number, connects over the local network to whatever system is providing service. That system figures out if the call needs to go into the regular phone network and if so switches it to a gateway that connects the call over the regular phone network. If the call can be completed without going over the regular phone network (the number dialed is also a VoIP system) then the provider system will route the call directly, performing protocol translation (to a different kind of VoIP) if needed. Continue reading