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Tron – Another Mobile Virtual Network Operator


Today I gonna share another Mobile Virtual Network Operator – Tron to you. Tron will be the last MVNO I’m writing, as there are no more MVNO has been approved by SKMM (MCMC) at the moment.

Tron is a brand of Talk Focus Sdn. Bhd. and using DiGi network to provide services to their users. Tron stand for Technology Revolution On-Net. It is a new MVNO which began to operate on Jan 2012. They are the first operator that offer unconditional 365 days long validity after each minimal RM 10 reload. So you’re not longer worry about the expire matter.

Calls All NetworksRM 0.20/minute
Charging Block60 seconds
SMS All NetworksRM 0.10/SMS
MMS All NetworksRM 0.30/MMS
DataRM 0.15/MB
Family & Friends
Favorite Numbers12 Tron & 3 Non-Tron
Calls to TronRM 0.14/minute
Calls to Non-TronRM 0.18/minute
SMS to TronRM 0.07/SMS
SMS to Non-TronRM 0.09/SMS
MMS to TronRM 0.20/MMS
MMS to Non-TronRM 0.27/MMS

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Happy Deepavali

Happy Deepavali

If you’re DiGi subscribers, regardless Prepaid, Postpaid or Broadband users, you have a chance to get some freebies.

Prepaid Subscribers

Reload minimum RM 30 in a single reload to get 30 minutes free DiGi-DiGi calls which is valid until 11:59PM (23:59) Malaysian time on 30th November 2011. After 30th November, all unused Promotion Freebies will be considered forfeit.

You can enjoy maximum of 90 minutes free DiGi-DiGi calls for the reload between 24 – 26 October 2011.

Postpaid and Broadband Subscribers

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Happy Prepaid @ Kelantan & Terengganu

Happy Prepaid

Happy Prepaid @ Kelantan & Terengganu

SimpackRM 7
Preloaded TalktimeRM 4
Calls to All Networks
call made from Kelantan & Terengganu
RM 0.15/min
Charging Block60 seconds
Calls to All Networks
call made outside Kelantan & Terengganu
RM 0.30/min
Charging Block30 seconds
SMS to Happy NetworksRM 0.01/sms
SMS to Other NetworksRM 0.06/sms
MMS to All NetworksRM 0.25/mms
GPRSRM 0.10/10kb
capped on RM 3
Teman Happy5
CallsRM 0.08/min
Charging Block60 seconds


Every minute answered will receive RM 0.03

Reload Bonus (Every 3 Months)

RM 120 – RM 249.993%
RM 250 – RM 499.998%
RM 500 and above12%

Reload Validity – RM 1 = 1 day / >RM 100 = 120 days

How to add Teman Happy – Type *128*4# and follow the instruction