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Earn Money – Lelong Malaysia

You already had some concepts about online auction and shopping marketplace like eBay. Lelong Malaysia is another ‘eBay’. But Lelong Malaysia is one of the earliest online auction company established in Malaysia, and the most important is, Lelong is a Malaysian company!

If you are curious why eBay Malaysia offer Free listing for Buy it Now, Auction and Auction with Buy It Now while other eBay international like US, UK, Singapore don’t offer Free listing, you must look at Lelong Malaysia fees, then you will know why. 😉

  1. Express Ads
  2. Standard Auction
  3. For Sale / Buy Now

Posting Item – Free

Optional to all items

a. Featured 1 Item in Front Page – RM 3.00
b. Featured 1 Item in Category Listing – RM 1.00
c. Thumbnail Listing – FOC
d. Additional Picture – RM 0.10 / Pic
e. Search Ranking Fees – Minimum RM 3.00

Auction Related Items

a. Reserved Auctions – RM 1.00
b. Close Anytime Auctions – RM 0.20 (To post)
+ RM 0.50 (If auction amount 0 to RM100)
+ RM 1.00 (If auction amount > RM100)
c. Dutch Auctions – charge based on transaction fees.
d. Quick Grab – RM 0.20
e. Quick Auction – RM 1.00

Compare Lelong to eBay:

Lelong only open for Malaysian while eBay you can sell to worldwide with some fees.

It’s up to you to choose whether Lelong or eBay or both to sell your product. If you have more than 1, you can sell on both places, but we don’t recommend you place on both website when you have only 1 item on hand. What if your item  happened to be sold on both places, how you duplicate another item to deliver to your buyer? 😉

Visit our Malaysian Online Auction and Shopping website – Lelong.

Earn Money – eBay Malaysia

Still remember a couple days ago we had introduced you 3 freelancer marketplaces where you can earn money by working out some part time or even full time project?

If you have some unused or unwanted things but it is still very new or good condition, throwing it is quite wasteful, then what should you do? If you will keep it at home,it will occupy your limited places at home. The best way is to give someone who really need it, for Free? Of course no problem, but if noone need it ? Why don’t you sell it ? You can at least get some money back to cover your expenses or even earn money. eBay is 1 of your choices. 😉

So we would like to share with you about “how to sell your used or products on eBay Malaysia for Free” !

eBay Malaysia does not charge sellers any Insertion Fees or Final Value Fees. However, if you were to list an item on other eBay paid sites, such as eBay US, UK or Australia, you may be charged an Insertion Fee. If the item is sold, you will be charged a Final Value Fee too. The total cost of selling an item is the Insertion Fee, Final Value Fee plus any other optional Listing Upgrade Fees.

So, you will only need to pay the fees if you choose to use their optional features.

Let’s go through the details on their seller charges when you sell a product.

Basic Fees

  • Auction – Free
  • Buy It Now – Free
  • Auction with Buy It Now – Free

Optional Fees

Reserve Fees

Reserve Price Fee
RM 0.01 – RM 799.99 RM 8
RM 800 and above 1% (capped on RM 250)

Listing Upgrade Fees

Feature Fee
Gallery Free
Item Subtitle RM 0.30
Listing Designer RM 0.10
Bold RM 0.60
Scheduled Listings RM 0.10
Border RM 3
Highlight RM 3
Featured Plus! RM 6
Gallery Featured RM 6
Gallery Plus! RM 0.20
Home Page Featured RM 45
10 Days Duration RM 0.10
List in Two Categories All fees x2

eBay Picture Hosting Fees

Feature Fee
First 3 pictures Free
Each additional picture RM 0.05
Preview Picture Free
Picture Pack (up to 6 pictures) RM 0.10

Seller Tool Fees

Tool Monthly Fee
Turbo Lister Free
Selling Manager Free
Selling Manager Pro RM 15

Beside that, you can also subscribe to eBay Stores for a small fee, more information you can check here.

eBay also offer affiliate program to let you earn up to USD $ 9 for each active registered user you referred to eBay.
*Active mean the user places a bid on an item or uses the Buy It Now (BIN) feature to purchase an item on eBay within 30 days of their initial registration.

To start selling your old, unwanted, unused things, click here to visit eBay Malaysia!