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AirAsia and AirAsia X Pick A Seat Fees

AirAsia and AirAsia X pick a seat is another way of AirAsia to charge money from you which it was previously offer to you FREE, because you can request it during check in, however this has been changed long long time ago, which I also can’t recalled how long it was.

Pick a seat is an option that let you choose your desire seat during your journey with AirAsia and AirAsia X. You can choose windows seats, hot seats, or together with your loves one.

Watch the youtube video below which is prepared by AirAsia and get some concept about it, if you still out of idea.

Basically, AirAsia uses Airbus A320 for their domestic and ASEAN flights while AirAsia X uses Airbus A330 and Airbus A340 for their long haul flights and the charges for pick a seat of course are different among AirAsia and AirAsia X.

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TuneTalk Prepaid

Tune Talk

Starter Pack Free
Voice Calls to All Networks RM 0.16/min
SMS to All Networks RM 0.05/sms
Charging Block 60 seconds

Free RM100,000 Personal Accidental Insurance Coverage (by Etiqa)

Redeem AirAsia Flight Tickets

Denominations Points
RM 3 3 Points
RM 4 4 Points
RM 5 8 Points
RM 10 20 Points
RM 30 70 Points
RM 50 120 Points
RM 100 240 Points
RM 200 480 Points
RM 300 720 Points

As low as 2,000 points you can exchange a 1 way AirAsia flight ticket.

Option to change your number anytime

Data Plan

Every 1 MB RM 0.05/session*

e.g.1 – if you download 1MB of data, you will be charged RM0.05 or if you download 1.5MB, you will be charged RM0.10.
e.g.2 – if you download 1MB of data, but it was done in 3 sessions, you will be charged RM0.15.

Top Up Validity :

Physical Top Up Voucher

RM 5 5 days
RM 10 11 days
RM 30 50 days
RM 50 75 days

E-Top Up

RM 3 3 days
RM 4 4 days
RM 5 5 days
RM 10 11 days
RM 30 50 days
RM 50 75 days
RM 100 110 days
RM 200 220 days
RM 300 365 days

Online Top Up on SelfCare

RM 30 50 days
RM 50 75 days

Credit Transfer

RM 3 2 days
RM 5 2 days

*A transaction fee of RM0.50 will be charged to both sender and recipient.
Sender must have a minimum balance of RM10.00 after the transfer
Maximum of one credit transfer transaction per day only (transferor and recipient)

Inactive Period – 45 days, terminated on day 46th of inactivation.

AirAsia is going to Re-introduce Fuel Surcharge

Effective 3 May 2011, AirAsia will be re-introducing fuel surcharges for all domestic and international routes.


Range of fuel surcharge is from RM 10 to RM 90.

Routes Fuel Surcharge
AirAsia Routes
(AK, FD, QZ Flights)
All Domestic flights in Malaysia RM 10
International – less than 2 hours RM 10
International – between 2 to 3 hours RM 20
International – above 3 hours RM 30
AirAsia X Routes
(D7 Flights)
Taipei, Chengdu, Hangzhou, Seoul, Tianjin, Delhi, Mumbai RM 50
Melbourne, Gold Coast, Perth, Tokyo, Tehran RM 70
Paris, Stansted (London), Christchurch RM 90

Please take note that all flight bookings made before 3 May 2011 will not be affected by the fuel surcharge.

So, book your ticket now before 3rd May 2011!

Source from AirAsia official website (http://www.airasia.com/my/en/latestnews/fuelsurcharge.html)