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Earn Money – 7Search

If you don’t know 7Search, then you should look around our blog, as we use mainly 7Search Accessory Ads as our CPC publisher program.

What products does 7Search offers?

  1. Search Ad Roll
  2. Accessory Ads
  3. Pay Per Text Links
  4. Private Label Search
  5. 7Search Search Box
  6. 7Search XML-feed

Does 7Search offer both CPC and CPM program?

No, 7Search is only CPC publisher program and you will earn money for every qualified clicks, regardless how many billion impression do you have.

What is Search Ad Roll ?

Search Ad Roll is something similar to Google Adsense Link Units, look at the green color links on top, that’s 7Search Ad Roll. It works similar like ‘tag’ function of this blog, but we pre-select the keywords to be displayed.

What is Accessory Ads ?

Accessory Ads is similar to Google Adsense Text ads. You can place both of them in same page, but make sure the 7Search Accessory Ads background, border, text and link colour are different from Adsense, or you might be banned by Google and lose your money.

What is Pay Per Text Links ?

It’s a keywords or a phrase, and it’s very similar to Search Ad Roll, however, you can integrate the Pay Per Text Links keywords inside your content. For example, you use ‘Search’ as your keywords, and you can have it in your content (You can <search> our blog for more information!). The word <search> in the content function as Pay Per Text Links, once a visitor click on the keyword, you earn 50% of the bid from 7Search.

What is Private Label Search ?

To be eligible for Private Label Search, your website or blog which you want to place it must have a minimum 1,000 page views and you can earn as high as 60% of the bid.

What is 7Search Search Box ?

7Search Search Box is a search box powered by 7Search and you can earn USD$ 0.05/ qualified click.

How do I qualify for 7Search XML-feed ?

If you have a search engine is receiving over 100,000 searches monthly, then you can only eligible to apply.

Can I earn affiliate commission by referring new publisher to 7Search?

Unfortunately no. 7Search doesn’t have any referral program for referring new publisher. However, you can earn 10% commission for first year by referring new Advertiser to 7Search in return.

What should I pay attention when I apply for 7Search ?

  • You must have a fully functional website.
  • Pure english site.
  • You must have permission from 7Search to place any type of pop up or pop under window.

When and How do I receive my commission ?

7Search pay you after you accumulated at least USD$ 25 (~ RM 82.50) via check.

Any question? If no, then you can click here to sign up an account with 7Search.

Our Opinion:

To get approved by 7Search is a little difficult if compare to Adbrite and Google Adsense, because 7Search is set their requirement very high to ensure their publisher quality. We were so lucky to get approved by 7Search and we follow their rules strictly.

7Search is one of the best publisher program after Google Adsense. You might be heard that Adbrite and some other publishers are the best just after Google Adsense, and you are wrong. 7Search Accessory Ads pay you very good and they offer several products which can have you to optimize your sites.

If you optimize and utilise 7Search properly, you will feel it. 😉