In this page, we have included all the emergency contact numbers of Fire & Rescue Department of Malaysia, included their branches in each states. Later we will also include the Police Stations contact and Hospitals. Please remember to bookmark this page as it’s very important for you especially emergency.

Somemore this information is very difficult to get it somewhere or official website. Most of the time, official websites are load very slow, old content and not always updated, missing content or highly difficult to find it out. That’s why we decided to include those here, to make sure you can easily find out during emergency.

Fire & Rescue Department of Malaysia

  1. Johor
  2. Kedah
  3. Kelantan
  4. Melaka
  5. Negeri Sembilan
  6. Pahang
  7. Penang
  8. Perak
  9. Perlis
  10. Sabah
  11. Sarawak
  12. Selangor
  13. Terengganu
  14. W.P. Kuala Lumpur
  15. W.P. Labuan
  16. W.P. Putrajaya

We will update this page time by time. Please bookmark this page.

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