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Protect Your ID: Steps to Take During Vacation Travel

Editor’s note: This is a guest post by Michelle Patterson. If you would like to contribute too, please contact me.

Identity theft is a very real and very scary thing that has taken so many people by surprise. With all the technology changing there are ways of stealing your identity you may not even realize. When you head out on vacation there are a few steps you should take to protect your ID before heading out. You can do these all the time but especially if you are heading away from home for any length of time. By taking these suggestions from Guest Door you can really use the Travelers Guide to Preventing Identity Theft and be sure your ID is safe and sound. Do not leave home without taking these precautions. The consequences take a long time to reverse and it can mess things up for you for a long time.

One way to protect yourself before leaving on vacation is to make yourself a list of important numbers for all your bank and credit card information. Continue reading

Beware of 03-20366888

Few days ago (25th Oct), I received a call from 03-2036 6888, a Chinese lady said that I’m a Celcom customer and I’ve been selected for this special offer – a special insurance plan that get paid RM 300 per day if I unable to work due to accident or medical problem.

I was frustrated when I received such a call and I get even irritated was she keep talking even I told her that I’m not interested and I’m busy!

I then checked with Celcom customer service via 1111, a Celcom customer care representative had confirmed that, the number mentioned above wasn’t from Celcom or any Celcom authorized party.

I’ve done a little searching and I found that this number is belong to Continue reading

Hide Your Email from Web Spammer

Yes, I’m sure you must have at least an email address, and I’m sure you must receiving unsolicited email advertisements, phishing emails, and spam emails too. Never ? That sound impossible.

Today, I’m not sharing the information how to deal with the above issue, because that’s not possible to do anything, all we just can rely on your email provider, such as GMail, Yahoo! Mail, Hotmail etc, their spam killing techniques to help you to kill most of the spam, phishing and scam.

I’ll focus on any bloggers, anyone who are actives in forums, discussion boards, and DIY (do it yourself) web site builders. For those who involved in above activities, especially you owned a blog or website, you will include your email address to let your readers or advertisers to get in touch with you.

But by having your email address on your website, blog, and forums are not a good idea Continue reading