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new blog

We Have Move to a NEW Home

For your information, we were revamping our main site in the past few months and as a result, we have revamped and restructured our whole sites into different sub-domain/sub-sites. Therefore this blog is moved to a new home, our new address is

new blog

As you noticed that our current blog is divided into few categories, such as mobile operators, tips and tricks, banking and finance, travel, giveaway, technology and so on. In our new structures, we had separate it into sub-sites by using sub-domain to identify it, which are:

* – Our main home for Official news

* – Our blog for information which is not belongs to any other categories

* – All the cards, banking products, financial products, scam alerts and so on

* – All related to mobile operators, broadband, VoIP and so on will be able to find here

* – All technology news will be here, such as new iPhone, new softwares etc

* – All attractive travel places and our travel experiences will be sharing here with you

* – All the giveaway Continue reading

Kingston USB Drive Warranty – DT101

In one of the unlucky day in April, I’ve encountered a terrible problem to my Kingston USB Drive Data Traveler 101 4GB, which is ‘The disk is write protected’.

I can’t format the drive and even cannot paste and delete any files. I was crazy and I tried to search and I found tons of article, and mainly there are 3 solutions. But I’m not going to show or tell you any of them.

Why? Because all solutions are not working! Continue reading

No Gamble in UEFA Euro 2012

UEFA EURO 2012 opening match Poland versus Greece is playing at National Stadium Warsaw, Warsaw, Poland now and the whole UEFA EURO 2012 will last for 24 days until 1st July.

During these 24 days, many gambler will place their bet on this games, but NOT for Malaysian.

The propose of writing this post today is to remind and alert all the Malaysian readers, involving in sport gambling or betting is prohibited in Malaysia under Betting Act 1953.

So, please do not bet or gamble during the UEFA Euro games.