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Earn Money – LinxAd – Scam

Today we would like to end up our Earn Money topics with another big scammer – LinxAd. As you know, our posts about how to earn money and recognize the scammer in over 30 posts and some of you are totally boring with this topics (for those who are not interested at all). But the most important is, all the publishers programmes we shared with you are tested by us before share it with you. Many other publisher programs either we are still testing or we are not yet qualified to sign up for, as you know we are still a small blog.

Why we mention LinxAd is a big scammer ?

When we signed up for LinxAd, we tried to implement their code to get start, unfortunately the code is not working, then we opened a support ticket and seeking for help.

What do you think about their reply ? How long would you expect a reply from them ? 1 hour ? No! ; 2 hour ? No! ; 24 hours? No! ; 1 week? No!

We have been waiting for 23 weeks  and 13 hours and still waiting for their reply. We did email to our account manager whose is the owner of the LinxAd – as we checked their domain name whois. Amazing right? Please look at the proof as shown below (click to enlarge).

To know a scammer, you don’t really need to test their service, by opening a support ticket, you can know everything.

Why you dare to say so if you don’t use their service yet ?

Let’s us make you clear. If you use their service and reach the minimum payout, but you did not receive the payment and open a support ticket to ask, then how you expect them to reply you in such time frame ?

Tell you a secret, we are not just opened an account in LinxAd. 😉 We have opened several accounts and in each account we did submitted different tickets, but none of them receive reply.

Comment :

Avoid it as we have shared over 20 reputed earn money publisher program with you. Why insist to try a scammer which we tested and verified ?

If you insist, then welcome to follow this link! 😉

Earn Money – LinkWorth

Remember we told you in Kontera and Inforlinks post that there are another publisher program giving higher payout for every In-Text or Content-Link clicks ? This publisher is LinkWorth.

LinkWorth offer several types of products to help you earn more money, there are:


LinkAds are text-based advertisements linked directly to an advertiser’s target landing page and hosted in a specific area of your homepage, sub-page or entire website. You control your earning potential by determining how many ads you want to host, which pages you want to host them on, and let LinkWorth do the rest.


LinkWords are pay-per-click ads, which means you earn a percentage of the revenue every time someone clicks the advertisement.LinkWords advertisements look much like a hyperlink, as they are embedded directly into an advertiser’s preferred keyword strings. When a visitor to your website mouses over the hyperlink, an in-line advertising window is launched to display information about the advertiser’s product or service.

This is what we said same as Kontera and Infolinks. The payout for every qualified clicks minimum is USD $ 0.12. It’s quite good, but they have no that much advertisers as Infolinks does.


LinkInTxt is the direct links to your advertiser’s target pages are embedded within the existing content of your page using their preferred keywords. As a result, the advertiser acquires a highly relevant backlink, helping to boost their page relevancy and popularity, while also offering them the benefit of direct traffic from visitors to your site who click the hyperlinked advertisement.

It works very similar to In-Text and Content-Links like Kontera and Infolinks. But that keywords only solely owned by an advertiser, all clicks will go to that advertiser page in a fixed earning amount. Unlike LinkWords, LinkWorth will handle all keywords and randomly choose keywords for different advertisers.


A LinkPost is a paid blog post written by a blogger within the LinkWorth community. Unlike other similar services, LinkWorth allows its’ Advertisers to have some control about what’s being written. Why pay for someone to bash you, right? Allowing a few requirements puts you in the driver’s seat. Specify exactly what it is you want reviewed, mandate that it’s a positive review, or let the chips fall where the may and allow the blogger free reign. With LinkPost, it’s entirely up to you.

We would like to take this opportunity to say that, all our posts are original and not paid post, never! 😉


LinkBBs are internet billboards. An advertiser writes a page of content with links to their products and services. Once you approve the content, the content page is hosted as a page on your website, complete with your template.

In effect, you are expanding your website content, while also generating advertising revenue for hosting sponsored content advertisement. Because LinkBB content pages are articles, often developed by LinkWorth content writers, you can rest assured that they contain quality information that is designed to actually show up in search engine results pages for specific keyword strings. With LinkBB you’re not only helping to build highly relevant backlinks for the advertiser who placed the advertisement, you’re also gaining higher visibility in the search engines for your own website by feeding the search engine crawlers with more information.


LinkMura, or Mulit-URL Rotating Ad, is a more advanced version of our LinkAds and LinkSura products, and it helps get those advertisers excited to advertise with you. This text link advertising mechanism is unique to LinkWorth in that it is the only text link advertisement that can rotate the anchor text as well as the target landing page, highly benefiting your advertisers. With LinkMura, an advertiser can target multiple keywords andpages on their website while paying for a single text link ad. The advertisements change on every page view or search engine crawl, helping to build popularity and backlinks for many different pages on an advertiser’s website.


LinkBanners offer the perfect way for our Partners to connect with Advertisers looking for an edge in today’s competitive marketplace. Designate a “zone” for your LinkBanners to appear and then sit back and wait for our Advertisers to find you.

This is what actually we said banner ads, like Leaderboard (728×90), Skyscraper (120×600), Full Banner (468×60) and so on.

Beside that, LinkWorth also offer affiliate program which can earn you more money.

You will earn 5% of  each advertisers you refer for life time.

You will earn USD $ 50 for each publisher you refer to LinkWorth once they earned the first USD $ 100.

Affiliate Banner


LinkWorth is a very good and reputed publisher program, you should really try it. Not only try, but use it.

To get start, please follow this link.

Earn Money – Infolinks

Infolinks is another In-Text or Content-Link publisher program, it’s exactly same as Kontera, but it’s far better than Kontera.

Why we said so ?

  • Higher keywords bid = higher payout = more money you can earn
  • Allow other same or similar program together in same page
  • Higher Net Impression
  • Load faster

However, Infolinks still not the highest payout Content Link publisher program, but it has been proved and tested by us, it’s far higher than Kontera.

But Inforlinks doesn’t not has referral program, so you cannot earn extra income by referring new affiliates.

After interaction with Sarah from Infolinks, we realize that Infolinks does offer referral program, but it’s in hidden.

For those who like to join Infolinks referral program should contact your account manager or Sarah from Infolinks to have your account activated.

Some terms and condition of referral program of Infolinks :

For each publisher who joins the Infolinks network by clicking your personal referral link, you will be entitled to a one-time referral fee of up to $1,000 per new publisher, as follows*:
= Small Publisher – $25 (up to 10,000 average net Infolinks page impressions per day)
= Medium Publisher – $100 (up to 100,000 average net Infolinks page impressions per day)
= Large Publisher – $1,000 (over 100,000 average net Infolinks page impressions per day)
*    Publisher’s traffic must have at least 30% of traffic from the US. If less than 30% of the publisher’s traffic comes from the US then the referral fee will be 30% of the fees listed above.

Please notice that in order for you to be entitled to the referral fees, the new publisher must be actually new (and not in previous contact with Infolinks or related to any of the Infolinks publishers), must enter the Infolinks website through your referral link, be accepted to become a qualified Infolinks publisher, and remain a fully active Infolinks publisher with an average of at least 300 daily net impressions for a minimal consecutive period of three months. Only after this period, and subject to you still being a fully active Infolinks publisher as well through that period, you will be paid (together with your regular earnings), all subject to your agreement with Infolinks and in accordance with the results accumulated and recorded in the Infolinks system.

There are 1 point we should share with you is, not every clicks get paid. We ever had 7 clicks but being paid only USD $ 0.04, also some clicks give you extremely high payout. This always based on the performance of your keywords. We do believed that the unpaid keywords can be Infolinks ads itself, mean your visitors click and being brought to Infolinks website. In whatever cases, you are not earning affiliate commission.

Minimum payout limit is USD $ 50 via check, bank wire, Infolinks Master Debit Card or PayPal according to your wish. Please keep on mind that, bank wire will be charged USD $25 fees.


We suggest to use Infolinks as your Content Link and In Text publisher program. Although there are other higher publisher program, but they have no as much advertisers as Infolinks, so the chances to earn more money become lower.

To get start with Infolinks, please click here.