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Recently I’ve been contacted by Zuza from iMoney in requesting me to review their new ebook “12 Ways to Save Money in Malaysia“. After I read thoroughly their ebook and browsed their official website, I decided not to share it here (but give a link directed to their ebook blog post, you can get the link to download a copy there), but to review their website.


It seems to be interesting to me, as iMoney is another similar website like RMvalues, to share the information on how to save money to consumer. However, iMoney is only focus on financial products, like credit card, car loan, home loan, personal loan, fixed deposit, personal insurance, car insurance and so on. Difference between iMoney and RMvalues is – iMoney is commercialized and running by a team of professional while RMvalues is just part time hobby. 🙂

A little background history, the iMoney is founded by Mr. Lee Ching Wei, a former employee of Frontier Investment Consulting (FIC) in Melbourne, one of the largest investment consulting firms in Australia. And if I’m not mistaken, iMoney has been established and launched on 23rd May. Although iMoney is new, but it serves more than 500 5,000 visitors daily.

Although iMoney is getting profit when you submit your application on financial products via their website, but they did provide you the details and informative comparison chart. However, I found that in their credit card section (just an example), they did not mention much on the fees and charges (only annual fees and financial rates mentioned), the rest information are more to benefits and promotion.

I do understand that as a company, iMoney has to earn money by promoting and getting more application, but those information should be clearly mention too.

I would advice consumer after using their comparison chart, head to the particular bank official website, read the charges or hidden charges as well as terms and conditions properly, then return back to iMoney drop your application. If you have doubt on the information present on the official website, you can walk in to any branch of banks to enquire.

Here is iMoney official website url –

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