Top 3 Online Shopping Apps for Android

Shopping and saving money do not seem to go hand in hand but in actuality, they do. You can save money on those favorite items you want and not feel guilty for splurging a little. There are tons of coupon codes out there at sites like GreatDeals that you can find discounts, percentages off and even free shipping. Then there’s something you have with you all the time. Your phone. The smartphone era has made saving money instantly even easier. You can add apps to your Android device and get instant savings or know where you should go to buy a particular item. This is especially helpful when that item is a larger ticket item such as electronics. Having the coupons and deals at your fingertips is priceless. Here are three apps you need to add to your Android phone so you can save time and money on your next shopping.

This is an app for your Android that is specifically for buying electronic appliance items you need for your home. You can find great deals on computers, washers, dryers and much more. This app will share with you if it is a good time to buy the item now or if you should wait. It takes into accounts sales that are coming up, rumors that are around and upcoming new items that you might be interested in. If you know of an upcoming item that you need to buy in the appliance arena, this is the app you definitely need to have.


Discounts on restaurants, massages, hotels, lessons and much more can be found on this newly popular site. You can add this app to your phone and find out all the great deals around you with the touch of a button. Each day you can find new deals and it’s good to purchase the ones you want quickly. They can disappear after a short time. The faster they are bought the shorter time period they are around. If you find a deal you like then be sure to grab it up quick. You can get a great deal on your next vacation by heading here first.

Google Shopper

Another great app to add to your phone or Android device is Google Shopper. You can get great information on the product or find out the sales prices at several locations simply by scanning the barcode or the cover art on the item. It will give you information on the item and makes you an informed shopper before you buy. You will also receive shopping deals to help you find the best prices and discounts on items before you buy.

These are just three of the great apps you can add to your phone to make shopping easier and cheaper. If you love saving money and having great products, these apps can help anyone do just that. These are fast, easy to use and can help you know what the best deal is without going all over town.

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