DiGi SmartPlan – Latest Plan

DiGi has revised and launched a new smartplan long time ago, until today I only free to analyse and write up the information.

This is the new DiGi SmartPlan, to view the old DiGi SmartPlan, please follow this link.

PlanDG SmartPlan 58DG SmartPlan 88DG SmartPlan 148
Monthly CommitmentRM 58RM 88RM 148
Bundle Usage
Voice Calls to DiGi Network200 min300 min600 min
Voice Calls to Other Networks-n/a-
Charging Block30 seconds
SMS to DiGi Network200 sms300600
SMS to Other Networks-n/a-
IDD Calls to
Canada, China, Hong Kong, Singapore, Thailand, USA
-n/a--n/a-30 min
Charging Block-n/a--n/a-unknown
Internet Quota1 GB2 GB3 GB
Facebook, Twitter, Whatsapp Quota1 GB2 GB3 GB
Opera Mini QuotaUnlimited on regular speed
Extra Charges
Voice Calls to All NetworksRM 0.15/minRM 0.10/min
Charging Block30 seconds
SMS to All NetworksRM 0.10/SMS
MMS to All NetworksRM 0.20/MMS
Special Discount
25% on Commitment FeeTotal Usage hit RM 150-n/a-
100% on Commitment FeeTotal Usage hit RM 250
RM 5 Auto-billing RebateFor the first 6 Months ONLY


DiGi SmartPlan 58 is a combination of DiGi SmartPlan 48 and 68. I can say it’s good because at least DiGi is giving you 200 minute and 200 sms for free even though it cost RM 0 for DiGi because it just for DiGi to DiGi network. But this is a good sign and can save you some money, at least. However, the 25% discount on monthly fee usage threshold has been increase from RM 100 to RM 150, while 100 discount increase from RM 200 to RM 250. It made you more difficult to get the discount.

While for the new SmartPlan RM 148, this is a totally new plan and I think it’s good for those high internet usage and high call and sms consumption. 600 minutes which equal to RM 60, RM 148 – RM 60 = RM 88, by paying RM 88, you get almost same with old SmartPlan 88, but in cheaper call rate. (old plan RM 0.15/min, this new RM 0.10/min). If your usage is that high, it’s recommended.

Now for the new SmartPlan 88. The old SmartPlan 88 gave you 5GB internet quota but in new SmartPlan 88 you have only 2 GB ++ (2GB internet and 2GB apps). I doubt how many of you can finish 2 GB apps quota in a month. Old SmartPlan 88 can continue surf at 128kbps after hit the quota.

By reducing your data usage, DiGi has compensate you with free 300 minute talk time and 300 sms. Beside that there is no any significance different between the old and new SmartPlan 88.

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