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Compare Samsung Galaxy S4 Plans – 12 & 18 Months Contract

After a short wait (it’s just a 6 weeks compare to Apple iPhone 5 3 months waited) since the Samsung event at New York, I’m sure Samsung and Android fans are waiting for it come to Malaysia. Finally it has just came and I’m preparing the comparison chart in compare all 4 giant telcos offer as well as any related information.

GALAXY S 4 gets you closer to what matters in life, bringing your world together

Currently there are 12 months, 18 months and 24 months contract offered, and this will be a very long post.(Due to it’s a very long post, so I’ve separated the 24 months to another post and will be published later.) I’ll begin from 12 months contract.

Compare data plan with commitment on data, but pay as you use on voice, sms usage. (Only Maxis offer it on 12 months contract plan)

Telco Maxis
Plan SurfMore 50 SurfMore 75
Monthly Commitment RM 50 RM 75
Bundle Usage None
Call to Maxis Network RM 0.12
Call to Other Networks RM 0.10
Charging Block 30 seconds
SMS to Maxis Network RM 0.05
SMS to Other Networks RM 0.15
Data 2GB 5GB
Special Discount25% on Monthly Commitment when usage above RM 150
100% on Monthly Commitment when usage above RM 250
Galaxy S4 Price RM 1,849 RM 1,699
Advance Payment
(Rebate over 5 months)
 RM 250 RM 250
Advance Payment
(Rebate on first bill)
 RM 100 RM 150
Initial CostRM 2,199RM 2,099
12 Months Total Cost
S4 + 6% Tax + Commitment + Stamp Duty
RM 2,495RM 2,663

Compare Celcom and Maxis based on similar monthly fees

Monthly CommitmentRM 78RM 96RM 98RM 116RM 118RM 126RM 138RM 146
Talk PlanmBasicTalkMore 48mBasicTalkMore 48mBasicTalkMore 78CelcomTalkMore 78
Data PlanmBasic1 GBmAdvance3 GBmBasic1 GBmAdvance3 GB
Bundle Usage
Call to All Networks267 units of Min/SMS/MMS400 Min267 units of Min/SMS/MMS400 Min667 units of Min/SMS/MMS600 Min667 units of Min/SMS/MMS600 Min
SMS to All Networks200 SMS200 SMS500 SMS500 SMS
Charging Block30 seconds
Data Volume1.05 GB1 GB3.05 GB3 GB1.1 GB1 GB3.1 GB3 GB
Excessive Usage
Call to Same NetworkRM 0.15/MinRM 0.10/MinRM 0.15/MinRM 0.10/MinRM 0.12/MinRM 0.08/MinRM 0.12/MinRM 0.08/Min
Call to Other NetworksRM 0.15/MinRM 0.15/MinRM 0.15/MinRM 0.15/Min
SMS to Same NetworkRM 0.15/SMSRM 0.10/SMSRM 0.15/SMSRM 0.10/SMSRM 0.12/SMSRM 0.08/SMSRM 0.12/SMSRM 0.08/SMS
SMS to Other NetworksRM 0.15/SMSRM 0.15/SMSRM 0.15/SMSRM 0.15/SMS
Galaxy S4 PriceRM 1,888RM 1,849RM 1,888RM 1,699RM 1,788RM 1,699RM 1,788RM 1,599
Advance Payment
(Rebate on 1st bill)
RM 250RM 50RM 250RM 50RM 300RM 80RM 300RM 80
Advance Payment
(Rebate over 5 months)
RM 250RM 250RM 250RM 250
Initial CostRM 2,138RM 2,149RM 2,138RM 1,999RM 2,088RM 2,029RM 2,088RM 1,929
12 Months Total Cost
S4 + 6% Tax + Commitment + Stamp Duty
RM 2,890.16RM 3,080.12RM 3,144.56RM 3,184.52RM 3,298.96RM 3,311.72RM 3,553.36RM 3,466.12

Celcom other 12 months contract plans

PlansCelcom First Elite
Data PlansmBasicmAdvance
Monthly CommitmentRM 188RM 208
Bundled Usage
Call to All Networks1500 unit of Minute/SMS/MMS
SMS to All Networks
MMS to All Networks
Charging Block30 seconds
Data Volume1.2 GB3.2 GB
Excessive Usage
Call to All NetworksRM 0.10/minute
Charging Block30 seconds
SMS to All NetworksRM 0.10/SMS
MMS to All NetworksRM 0.10/MMS
Galaxy S4 PriceRM 1,688
Advance Payment
(Rebate on 1st bill)
RM 450
Initial CostRM 2,138RM 2,138
12 Months Total Cost
S4 + 6% Tax + Commitment + Stamp Duty
RM 4,089.36RM 4,343.76

Compare 18 Months, but only Celcom offer it.

PlansCelcom First PrimeCelcom First PremierCelcom First Elite
Data PlansmBasicmAdvancemBasicmAdvancemBasicmAdvance
Monthly CommitmentRM 78RM 98RM 118RM 138RM 188RM 208
Bundled Usage
Call to All Networks267 unit of Minute/SMS/MMS667 unit of Minute/SMS/MMS1500 unit of Minute/SMS/MMS
SMS to All Networks
MMS to All Networks
Charging Block30 seconds
Data Volume1.05 GB3.05 GB1.1 GB3.1 GB1.2 GB3.2 GB
Excessive Usage
Call to All NetworksRM 0.15/minuteRM 0.12/minuteRM 0.10/minute
Charging Block30 seconds
SMS to All NetworksRM 0.15/SMSRM 0.12/SMSRM 0.10/SMS
MMS to All NetworksRM 0.15/MMSRM 0.12/MMSRM 0.10/MMS
Galaxy S4 PriceRM 1,788RM 1,738RM 1,598
Advance Payment
(Rebate on 1st bill)
RM 250RM 300RM 450
Initial CostRM 2,038RM 2,038RM 2,038RM 2,038RM 2,048RM 2,048
18 Months Total Cost
S4 + 6% Tax + Commitment + Stamp Duty
RM 3,386.24RM 3,767.84RM 4,049.44RM 4,431.04RM 5,285.04RM 5,666.64

*Total contract length cost is based on the commitment usage

**Once allocated data volume finished in Maxis TalkMore, you will be charged pay per use (RM 0.10/10KB) until next billing cycle. While in Celcom your usage will be blocked unless you purchase additional volume.


Generally I would say Maxis plans offer better value in call and sms. For 12 months contract Galaxy S4, Maxis is winner.

I’m working in 24 months comparison chart, please do not forget to check back later.


If you a current Apple iPhone user and want to move to Samsung Galaxy S4, don’t miss the tips and tutorial ‘Moving From an iPhone to the Galaxy S4 – Tips and Advice‘ from our guest poster Reese Jones.

Celcom 4G LTE is Coming on 23rd April 2013 [Leaked]

Celcom is launching 4G LTE on Tuesday 23rd April 2013.

First 1,000 registrant will be able to purchase Celcom 4G dongle for a special price RM 199.

First 3 months access fee waived! Save RM 414!

I’m sure a lots of Apple iPhone 5 users are waiting for this, as Maxis has support 1800MHz, and Maxis users can enjoy LTE in certain area, but I’m disappointing you that Celcom 4G LTE is only support 2600MHz at this moment.

Celcom 4G LTE

Plan Details Continue reading

Moving From an iPhone to the Galaxy S4 – Tips and Advice

If you’ve been an iPhone user for years, switching over to Android can be quite daunting as it’s a fairly different mobile OS. Fear not – it’s also a very usable one and while you might find that some adjustment is required, it’s also an exciting change for many who want something a little different.

It used to be tough to get people to change from iOS to anything else, but now people tend to move between the two platforms fairly regularly and have worked out some very efficient ways of doing so. The main difficulty for many lies within transferring the data you want and need on your current device to the new one. Luckily, there are some very efficient ways to do so.

PC Pro makes a smart recommendation of setting up Dropbox on both your iPhone and the Samsung Galaxy S4, so you can just drop all your files into the cloud-synced wonder app and watch them appear not long after on the other device, ready to be used. This works really well with photos, and especially for phones that don’t have removable memory as it solves the obstacle of physically removing files from one device only to realise the other doesn’t have a slot to plug it into.

In terms of apps, both markets are strong enough now that you’ll either find an app you currently use for Android, or there’ll be an app that does the same job available on the Google Play Store. It’s pretty convenient and showcases how far Android has come, to stand shoulder-to-shoulder with the wealth of choice available on iOS. Just remember that if the app has no login or remotely stored data, you’re going to have to start again from scratch – but this is rarely an issue.

Transferring your contacts couldn’t be simpler, either, as you can either export them very simply, actually attach and email them over or even be completely rebellious and get out a pen and paper to do things old-school. It’ll only take a little while either way, and if you do it the old way you’ll also have a near-permanent hard copy of all of your contacts for whenever you may find yourself in need of them.

You’ll also need to be smart about music. Personally, I use Spotify Premium, which means all of my songs come through that service. What this in turn means is that whenever I change handsets, my online and offline playlists appear immediately after logging in, regardless of OS, and I can get on with nodding my head all day to a lovely selection of music without worrying about formats. If you do however have a locally stored music collection, simply use your backups and convert from format to format if you need to – it’s a lot more straightforward than it looks.

Once all that’s done, there’s very little else to worry about, other than what case to buy, what background to use, and of course the all important choice of whether to go for an impressive ringtone or stick with “old reliable” – the vibrate alone.