iPhone 5 – RM 200 Smartphone Rebate YCP

Which phone is the most valuable and worth to receive RM 200 smartphone rebate ? Of course there is no standard answer. But if you ask me, I would say iPhone 5. Why ?

From my point of view, Apple iPhone is the most valuable and worth to own it with RM 200 smartphone rebate, because Apple has fixed the price and their reseller can’t advertise lower than their recommended retail pricing (RRP), so you won’t find anywhere that selling cheaper than Apple retail price.

And iPhone price will only reduced after the introduction of the next generation iPhone. For example iPhone 4S dropped from RM 2,199 to RM 1,799. Unlike the other smartphones, like Samsung Galaxy Note 2, RRP is RM 2,299, after smartphone rebate is RM 2,099, but my friend bought it somewhere even lower than RM 2,099 without smartphone rebate.

iPhone 5 smartphone rebate for Youth Communication Package

The above situation same to Samsung Galaxy S3 mini, RRP RM 1,199, after smartphone rebate RM 999, but someone got it from lowyat lower than RM 980. And now I’m going to guide you where to buy your iPhone with this RM 200 smartphone rebate.


 Telco Model ConditionWhere to buy
CelcomiPhone 5 16GB/32GB/64GBbuy a new Xpax Prepaid + RM 30 reloador just reload RM 30 for existing Xpax usersCelcom BranchBlue Cube
Maxis (Hotlink)iPhone 4 8GBiPhone 5 16GBbuy a new Hotlink Prepaid + RM 30 reloador just reload RM 30 for existing Hotlink usersMaxis CenterMaxis Exclusive Partner (MEP)
*iPhone 5 16GB/32GB/64GB
You think too much
Selected DiGi Stores


TelcoModelPlanWhere to buy
CelcomiPhone 5 16GB/32GB/64GBAny Plans 12 or 24 months contractCelcom BranchBlue Cube
Maxis (Hotlink)iPhone 4 8GBiPhone 5 16GBTalkMore28 + 1GB (RM 28 + RM 48 = RM 76/month) – 24 months contractiValue 1 (RM 100/month) – 24 months contractMaxis CenterMaxis Exclusive Partner (MEP)
DiGiiPhone 4S 16GBiPhone 5 16GB/32GB/64GBiDiGi 138 – 24 months contractiDiGi 238 – 24 months contract
*Any Plans – 24 months contract
Selected DiGi Stores

*Thanks to M4A1 (from LYN Forum) providing this information.

For Prepaid, its all depends on your need, regardless where to buy, still the same.

For Postpaid, you can refer to my previous post ‘Best 24 Months Contracted iPhone 5 Plan – Celcom vs DiGi vs Maxis‘. But I would say DiGi iPhone 5 definitely not in my favorite list, cause iDiGi 238 is the most expensive plan DiGi offered. If I earned that much money, I’m already not eligible for RM 200 smartphone rebate.

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