Protect Your ID: Steps to Take During Vacation Travel

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Identity theft is a very real and very scary thing that has taken so many people by surprise. With all the technology changing there are ways of stealing your identity you may not even realize. When you head out on vacation there are a few steps you should take to protect your ID before heading out. You can do these all the time but especially if you are heading away from home for any length of time. By taking these suggestions from Guest Door you can really use the Travelers Guide to Preventing Identity Theft and be sure your ID is safe and sound. Do not leave home without taking these precautions. The consequences take a long time to reverse and it can mess things up for you for a long time.

One way to protect yourself before leaving on vacation is to make yourself a list of important numbers for all your bank and credit card information. By writing all these numbers down and keeping them safe you will be able to contact them if you have something go wrong. If your wallet is stolen, for example, you will need the numbers on the back of your cards to alert the company. By writing them down separately you can rest easy knowing you will have exactly what you need.

Be sure to stop all packages and mail during the time you are gone. If the mail is still coming and piling up it is like throwing a welcome mat out for a thief. They notice the mail and can steal your bank accounts or even break into your home. Alert the post office that you will be gone for a certain time period and they can hold your mail for you. This will help to prevent any possible theft while you are away.

If you must use the Wi-Fi connections while away be sure to find a secure connection. Do not enter your security passwords for online banking or credit accounts while in a coffee shop or other area. This can result in a hacker gaining access to your information. They could wipe you out while you are on vacation and all from using the internet somewhere. If you have to use it then be sure it is just for simple browsing. If you must do more be sure to find a secure network connection.

Never give out your bank account over the phone. When booking a hotel or making reservations it is safer to use your credit card. When money is gone from your bank account it is gone right away. It also takes a long process to get the funds back when it is fraudulent charges. If you use your credit card then you will not have your immediate available funds affected in your bank account. Credit card companies can also help you watch for fraudulent activity on your account.
Take advantage of your in room safe at your hotel. Place your important documents and items in that safe and use it. They can help protect you from a less than honest hotel employee or someone else who may gain access to your room. You can keep your passport or other important identifying information locked away. This is a good idea when you will be sightseeing as pickpockets can snatch your information before you even realize it’s gone.

Be sure to take these to heart the next time you are traveling. They can help you prevent your identity from being stolen and a huge amount of problems coming your way. Keep this in mind when you are planning your trip so you take every step necessary to stop from becoming a victim.

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