Super Six Cost Effect Ways to Entertain Your Family

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Providing fun and relaxation for your family without spending a fortune is becoming increasingly difficult. If you’re willing to think outside the box, there are several options available. The following are six cost effective options to consider for family entertainment.

Campaign Trip

1. Plan a Camping Trip
Hiking, camping, and visiting local nature preserves are great ways to have family fun and stay in shape without spending much money. The great thing about this type of entertainment is that the options are almost endless. You can take a day trip, spend one night, or plan for an extensive trip into the wild.


2. Visit the Zoo
Unfortunately, many people seldom visit the zoo after their children reach a certain age. One is never too old to enjoy exotic animals, birds, and insects from all over the world. Many zoos have special exhibits that can’t be found anywhere else. Zoos often have family discount days or options for buying family passes that can be used several times during the season.


3. Take In a Show
While taking the family to a movie theater can be expensive, there are alternatives that are much more affordable. Take in a play at a local college. The Theater offers a wide variety of shows for all ages. There are discounts to be found from the community college level all the way up to high-end theater productions. If you happen to be in England, London theatre tickets can be purchased at discount outlets such as TKTS in Leicester Square.

Water Parks

4. Water Parks
Water parks are usually not as expensive as typical amusement parks, and can be just as much fun. Of course water parks at world famous spots such as Cedar Point and Disney World might not be very cost effective, but there are scaled down versions everywhere. Water parks today offer a multitude of activities including, wave pools, surfing simulation, and massive slides.

5. Museums and Science Centers
Even smaller cities usually have art and history museums. Many museums are just for children, or have special areas with activities for kids. Many have Science centers for children with dozens of hands-on activities. Check with your child’s school to see if there are discounted tickets available or even free passes.

Grahamstown Festival

6. Festivals and Fairs
From early spring through late fall, fairs and festivals pop up all over the country. The variety of festivals is almost endless. There are art festivals, food festivals, as well as the old fashioned carnival with games, rides, and food. Many of these fairs and festivals are free to enter. Simply walking around and viewing the exhibits can provide hours of entertainment.

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