GlobalTestMarket – Another Proven Opinion Sharing Earn Money Program

Remember few weeks ago I shared an opinion sharing (aka survey) earn money programme – ValuedOpinions ? Global Test Market differ from ValuedOpinions by mean of reward. ValuedOpinions give you KFC or Jusco voucher, while Global Test Market give you cash.

Global Test Market

Both opinion sharing (survey) program are actually quite similar, but Valued Opinions rewards you each survey in a fix amount of money value, and Global Test Market offer you from 5 to 35 market points.

Advantages is as long as you began the survey, you’re guaranteed to receive 5 market points, unlike Valued Opinions required completion of the survey, then only qualified for the rewards. Minimum cash out market points is 1,000 points (now required 1,100 points) in exchange to USD $50.

You must really bear in mind that MarketPoints expire three years from the date of award and, if sooner, upon twelve (12) months of no account activity. And what I like it the most is, although it’s a Canada company, but their cheque were issued by The Royal Bank of Scotland (Malaysia branch) in Ringgit Malaysia (RM).

Global Test Market Cheque

I successful deposited the cheque into Public Bank and got the cheque clearance in just 2 days. So I can say, Global Test Market is another proven opinion sharing program beside Valued Opinions. Oh ya, if you refer a new friend, you will get 20 market points. But I don’t really like it, because it doesn’t have a unique link.

If you haven’t try yet, please follow this link to sign up.

Update 1

They made payment very slow, I usually got it 4-5 months after request.

Update 2

Refer to Ashwindran comment, the cash out button is present.

GlobalTestMarket Cashout Option

After login, click on the top Rewards > Redeem (under How to redeem your MarketPoints) > you will see the picture above and click on Checks.

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8 thoughts on “GlobalTestMarket – Another Proven Opinion Sharing Earn Money Program

  1. Revati

    You mentioned that the cheque is issued by the The Royal Bank of Scotland (Malaysia branch) in Ringgit Malaysia (RM). I have claimed my voucher in December 2014 and until now I did not receive any mail regarding the voucher. Do you know how they sent. In another website, it stated via courier service. When I asked the customer service, it states that they would not sent via mail. Which is right?

    1. RMvalues Post author

      I received my cheque via normal mail. Twice already since I registered until today. If you did not receive it, please submit a support ticket, and this gonna take 3-6 months process for them to reissue the cheque. They are famous with slow respond.

  2. Ashwindran

    Hi there, I would like to know where you could get the option to cash-out via cheque. I’m a Malaysian user as well, but my options are just gift vouchers

      1. Ashwindran

        Hi thanks for the update. I have actually emailed their support and it seems cheque is not an option anymore for new registrations. 🙁
        Personally prefer cash to the gift vouchers options.


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