Salamfone – an Islamic Shariah Concept Mobile Virtual Network Operator


Salamfone is a company that owned by Reach Telecom, Kuwait. Salamfone had obtained their Shariah certificate on December 2010, and it’s the only operator that offer free daily praying time as well as takzirah and hikmah. Salamfone operated under Celcom network.

Calls Same NetworkRM 0.15/minuteRM 0.12/minuteRM 0.20/minute
Calls Other NetworksRM 0.15/minuteRM 0.16/minuteRM 0.20/minute
Charging BlockUnknown
SMS Same NetworkRM 0.09/SMSRM 0.03/SMSRM 0.10/SMS
SMS Other NetworksRM 0.09/SMSRM 0.08/SMSRM 0.10/SMS
Famili & Rakan Salam
Favorite Numbers5
CallsRM 0.12/minute

I’ve found no any MMS information, it seems that they are not support MMS yet.

Data Plans for Ummah and Ilmiah
150 MBRM 57 days
300 MBRM 1014 days
600 MBRM 201 month
1 GBRM 331 month
1.5 GBRM 481 month
2 GBRM 601 month

The data plans for Ummah and Ilmiah are considerable cheaper and better than Musafir.

Data Plans for Musafir
150 MBRM 524 hours
200 MBRM 107 days
500 MBRM 207 days
1 GBRM 331 month
1.5 GBRM 481 month
2 GBRM 601 month


What I can say here, Musafir plan is totally out of consideration as it’s quite expensive if compare to Ummah and Ilmiah plans. Both Ummah and Ilmiah plans offering competitive and attractive call and sms rates. However Salamfone isn’t a popular operator, I can assume that most of your friends are not using Salamfone but with other operators.

Therefore, I would suggest Ummah plan if you want to get a Salamfone prepaid, unless you have a lots of friends are using Salamfone, then Ilmiah plan can save your pocket a lots of money. But please bear in mind that, nowaday there are more than 10 operators in Malaysia, and thanks to the power of MNP, choosing a flat call rate prepaid plan is always a better idea to save money.

Salamfone official website –

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