REDtone Mobile Postpaid Mobile Virtual Network Operator

REDtone Mobile

REDtone Mobile was established on year 2009 and using Celcom network to provide service, hence they are Mobile Virtual Network Operator. REDtone Mobile is operated by REDtone.

REDtone Mobile only providing postpaid service, and their postpaid commitment is the lowest among all MNO and MVNO, which is RM 8 per month, however you must be bond for a minimum 12 months contract.

REDPlan 8 58 88
Montly Commitment RM 8 RM 58 RM 88
Calls Same Network 10 hours free*
Call Other Networks RM 0.15/minute RM 0.12/minute RM 0.10/minute
SMS to All Networks RM 0.10/SMS
Charging Block 30 seconds
Free Data** 200 MB 500 MB

* After 10 hours will be based on normal call rate (call other networks rate).
**Subscribe to data bundle 100 MB for RM 5 or 1 GB for RM 25 or continue surfing under Pay-Per-Use RM 0.10/MB, capped on RM 250 or 10GB.


REDtone Mobile postpaid is the lowest commitment postpaid plan in Malaysia and offered attractive call rates. Although their features are far lesser than Mobile Network Operators (Celcom, DiGi, Maxis and U Mobile), but REDtone Mobile is suitable for those who is looking for cheaper call rate and low commitment. I would say REDPlan 8 is even cheaper than any mobile prepaid plans.

REDtone Mobile official website –

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