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Menchantrade is one of the Mobile Virtual Network Operator (MVNO) in Malaysia, just like Happy, TuneTalk, and XOX. I’m not sure whether you still remember I had a post ‘Malaysia Mobile Operators & MVNO‘ explaining how MVNO works.

Merchantrade prepaid is operated by Merchantrade Asia Sdn. Bhd. under Celcom network. Merchantrade target on foreign workers in Malaysia and offering competitive International Direct Dialing (IDD) for them to call back their origin country.

Beside that, Merchantrade also offer remittance service to let foreign worker remit their hard earn money home. However, I’ve no idea on their remittance charges, so I unable to compare it with others.

 Plan Merchantrade Prepaid
Call Same Network Unknown
Call Other Networks Unknown
RM 0.12/minute after spent RM 1/day (unknown charging block)
SMS Same NetworkRM 0.10/SMS
SMS Other NetworksRM 0.20/SMS
MMS Same NetworkRM 0.35/MMS (50KB)
MMS Other NetworkRM 0.50/MMS (50KB)
DataRM 0.10/10KB
New Kawan-Kawan Plan
Total Numbers12 (Max 4 off-networks numbers)
CallsRM 0.12/minute
SMS Same NetworkRM 0.01/SMS
SMS Other NetworksRM 0.10/SMS

If you’re regular reader, you must know I hate the providers that did not proper mention their products detail on their website. Merchantrade prepaid service is belong to them.

I found no any information regarding to their call rate on the same networks as well as other networks and totally lack of information, and website is not user friendly too.

To be honest and fair, here is their official website link, have a look and comment if you’re not agree with me on how lack of information –


Merchantrade Prepaid is not suitable for Malaysian people, this is not due to they target the foreign workers and offer cheap IDD calls, but is due to high cost as well as lack top up availability, unclear charges, and so on.

Merchantrade official website –

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