Cheapest Contract Free iPhone 5 Plan ?

Finally iPhone 5 launched in Malaysia last Friday, and Apple Online Store Malaysia also began to sell iPhone 5 (GSM Unlocked) without contract for those who prefer not to sign up either a 12 months or 24 months contract with Celcom, DiGi and Maxis.

Last week I’ve spent almost whole day to analyze all the 24 months contracts offered by 3 telcos, and published a post ‘Best 24 Months Contracted iPhone 5 Plan – Celcom vs DiGi vs Maxis‘. I’d exhausted and I became quite lazy to analyze the non-contract iPhone 5, so I’ve decided to postpone until I feel comfortable to write. πŸ™‚

Apple iPhone 5 Non Contract

I would say one of the main purpose of owning an iPhone 5 is to use data service. If an expensive smartphone like iPhone 5 has no data plan, that’s not only ridiculous, but also a waste, even you’re so rich. Therefore in my comparison chart of the prepaid and postpaid plans, I may not include those pricing are higher than contracted iPhone 5 packages.

Prepaid Plans

TelcosPlansMinutesSMSDataMonthly Fee
CelcomXpax +
Weekly Internet
RM 0.28/10 min
RM 0.28/5 min
RM 0.01 (Celcom)
RM 0.05 (Others)
8 GBRM 18 x
4 weeks
(Min RM 72)*
DiGiDG Prepaid
Smart Plan
60 min60 SMS600 MBRM 30
HotlinkHotlink Plan +
Weekly Light
RM 0.20 – RM 0.24
RM 0.30 – RM 0.36
RM 0.05 (Maxis)
RM 0.10 (Others)
400 MBRM 8 x
4 weeks
(Min RM 32)*
TuneTalkThe Cun Plan60 min1 GBRM 38
U MobileUMI 1825 min25 SMS250 MBRM 18
UMI 28100 min30 SMS500 MBRM 28
XOXRM 18RM 0.32/minRM 0.07 (XOX)
RM 0.12 (Others)
300 MBMin RM 18*
RM 38RM 0.22/minRM 0.06 (XOX)
RM 0.11 (Others)
1 GBMin RM 38*
RM 68RM 0.15/minRM 0.05 (XOX)
RM 0.10 (Others)
3 GBMin RM 68*

* Monthly fee is an estimation of the lowest usage.

Postpaid Plans

TelcosPlansMinutesSMSDataMonthly Fee*
DiGiDG 68 Plus300 min30 SMS100 MBRM 68
DG 88 Plus450 min450 SMS250 MBRM 88
DG Smart
Plan 48
RM 0.15/minRM 0.10/SMS1 GBRM 48
DG Smart
Plan 68
3 GBRM 68
DG Smart
Plan 88
5 GBRM 88
HotlinkSurfMore50RM 0.12 (Maxis)
RM 0.20 (Others)
RM 0.05 (Maxis)
RM 0.15 (Others)
2 GBRM 50
SurfMore755 GBRM 75
U MobileU 28RM 0.18/min (U Mobile)
RM 0.20/min (Others)
100 SMS (U Mobile)
200 SMS (Others)
1 GBRM 28
U 58100 min (U Mobile)
200 min (Others)
RM 0.05 (U Mobile)
RM 0.12 (Others)
2 GBRM 58
U 88100 min (U Mobile)
200 min (Others)
100 SMS (U Mobile)
200 SMS (Others)
3 GBRM 88

* Monthly fee is an estimation of the lowest usage.


Obviously postpaid plans are not fit and Not WORTH for buying iPhone 5 separately and apply postpaid plans above onto your iPhone 5, because with either a 12 months or a 24 months iPhone 5 contracted, you can save a lots of money on your iPhone 5 device as well as enjoy more calls, sms and internet data usages. So, please IGNORE and FORGET about postpaid, ok?

Now please look at the prepaid comparison chart. Clearly we can exclude Celcom, Hotlink as well as XOX due to the minimum monthly data charges (exclude call and sms charges) are already very expensive, so only left DiGi, TuneTalk and U Mobile plans are competitive and attractive.

If we go deeply, we see TuneTalk offers more data, DiGi and U Mobile offer average amount of calls, sms and data usage. If you’re looking the cheapest plan, U Mobile UMI 18 cost you only RM 18 per month.

For conclusion, I would recommend UMI 18 > UMI 28 > DiGi Prepaid Smart Plan > TuneTalk Cun Plan. Do you agree with me? Share with us if you’re other opinions and recommendations. πŸ™‚

p/s: After buying your iPhone 5, don’t forget to get a nano sim from U Mobile.

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  1. MFBI

    recently read that there is a plan called mAdvance plus (and mPro plus) by celcom. just wondering how would it fare amongst other postpaid plan?
    kindly share your thoughts please. tqia.


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